GlockMan's new service sidearm...

Discussion in 'General Firearms Discussion' started by rimfirehunter, Oct 18, 2007.

  1. rimfirehunter

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    :roll: :roll: :roll:


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    Bwhahah poor Gman
  4. Silicon Wolverine

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    Hmmm. Didnt know the gman batted for that team. :lol:

  5. andrew241

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    nice one lmao :lol:
  6. 1inthechamber

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    Now that would be something to see on the streets of Philly. :lol:
  7. andrew241

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    just whip that bad boy out and laugh the BG into submission.
  8. eqfan592

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    It may sound funny, but I've been looking for stuff like that :) My girlfriend's favorite color is pink, so I figure maybe getting her a pink gun will get her into it a bit more! I still think I'll start her off with a revolver though :)
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    Ok. I don't get the joke. Help me out here.
  11. Taurus357

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    Only you neo, only you...
  12. neothespian

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    NO! I'm serious! I don't freakin' get it! It looks like a regular gun to me... what IS the catch!
  13. My wife started out with a pink handled Raven .25acp. She loved the color so much that she didnt mind shooting it.

    Now I have weaned her into the black automatics, although she still has a wood handled Raven. :D
  14. neothespian

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    0's Pink?

    :roll: Would've been nice to tell the colour blind guy that!
  15. Ahhhh, I can see where that would be a problem.

    I belong to another group (honest!), and a member is blind, but has a computer program that reads the posts to him.

    Any time anyone posts a pic they are required to post a short description of the pic along with it, so the blind member can enjoy it also.
  16. Man, you liberals are always so color blind to everything.

    :p :D
  17. neothespian

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    Oh...Ho HO HO! Funny man :p

    Hey, you conservatives should be used to seeing things in Black and White :mrgreen:

    I kid. I back to froofy guns
  18. I'm more on the conservative side myself, but I LOVE that comeback! Good job!
  19. PrimalSeal

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    LMAO!!! I refuse to show that gun to my wife, next thing I know I'll have to go out and lay down $500.00 clams for one just like it and get laughed off the range when I pull it out of the range bag....Heh... I bet they'd stop laughing when my wife out shoots them....