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  1. Picked up my 995ts today. Pealed off the warning stickers from the stock. One came right off while the other left me with a bunch of glue on the stock. Any ideas. I tried hot water and brake clean (solvent}. Maybe bug and tar remover?
  2. desertrider

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    Same here.

    I got most of the sticky residue off when I pulled the decals, but a little was left behind. I'm not too picky about the appearance of my guns so I just left it.

    I thought about rubbing some WD-40 on it, but never got around to it.

    I definitely wouldn't try to scrape it off.

  3. talon

    talon the banned wagon

    soap and water took the decal residue off mine.
  4. colthrash

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    the remaining glue is to insure a good cheek weld...
  5. I would leave it if my hand didn't stick to it. Think i'll try the soap and water deal
  6. That's it.:D
  7. Tchort

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    Rubbing alcohol works good on sticky residue left by vehile emblems. They that. Better that that goo be gone junk.
  8. bluebone

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    i had the same problem with the TS i bought a cpl months ago. it's pretty strange that they cant get these two stickers to be consistent with one another. either should both be easy to remove or both be a PITA but why one and not the other? just like the mag issues i'm sure they'll never address it.......and btw, you could try goo-gone.

    USMC_VET Supporting Member

    any of these will take the glue right off !!!

    soap & hot water


    Goof -Off

    alcohol prep pads
  10. rickm

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    i use zippo lighter fluid when ever i need to remove glue left by removing decals
  11. WD-40 then wash with soap and water.
    Thanks all.
  12. Etechonline2002

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    Goo gone then use windex to get the left over goo gone off. Use a clean rag not a paper towel.

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  13. Geezer

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    Alcohol wouldn't remove mine but a shot of WD-40 did.
  14. Kronos

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    I would recommend one of the above. Zippo fluid is also Naphtha. So if you have a can of Naptha in the garage / shed, you can use that.

    Another thing to use, and it may sound funny but works, peanut butter.
  15. desertrider

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    That ain't no joke! I was gonna recommend this, but decided against it.

    About twenty years ago I was leaving for work early in the morning and walked into the garage without turning the lights on and walked right into a low hanging fly strip.

    For those unfamiliar with fly strips, they are super sticky two foot long ribbons. Well I walked face first into it and it stuck to my beard from the right side of my chin to the top of my head.

    I tried pulling it off, but being that it was summer time, the glue was warm and extra sticky. Hurt like hell when I tried to pull it off, and I didn't want to shave it. This was before the era of the internet, so it's not like I had the research tools we have today at my disposal. I tried warm soap and water, nail polish remover, nothing I had at home seemed to work.

    I decided to go to the nearest 24hr grocery store (Food 4 Less) and walked in to find something that might work. It was still early enough for there not to be too many people in the store. I walked to the first checker I saw and asked if she could recommend something, and after a good laugh at my expense, as I stood there with a fly strip pasted to my head, she said to buy a jar of peanut butter and rub it all over the affected area.

    Worked like a charm, and, I had the softest and shiniest hair and beard of my life if I do say so myself.:D
  16. Kronos

    Kronos Oppulent Disparity Member

    Oh man rider! I can't imagine trying to pull that sucker out of a beard. That's def a story to tell the grandkids, lmao.

    You mentioned nail polish remover (Acetone). I want OP to know that while this will work for removing his problem, not to use it. Acetone has a bad habit of doing bad things to plastics.

    Still laughing over that fly strip. Can't imagine the cashier's face.
  17. panoz77

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    Peanut butter has lots of "peanut" oil. Olive oil works too.

    PS, DO NOT use goo gone on a new LED TV to remove the stickers from the shiny black plastic on the front, it melts/dissolves the plastic, ask me how I know?
  18. COZ2215

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    Thanks for the Tip " Olive oil" worked like a charm.. Wife had some out by the stove, swiped a cotton ball. All done in 20 seconds.
  19. peanut butter will also get bubble gum out of hair. If you have kids you probably have had gum stuck in their hair at one time or another.
  20. TeaSipper

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    The stuff mentioned that works are oil based so pretty much anything with oil will do the job.