God Speed, Fallen Hero

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  1. I had the honor to attend a funeral service for a military person this weekend. He was a 25 year member of the US Coast Guard, serving two tours of duty in Viet Nam. Upon retiring from CG, he worked for the Navy in distribution. He lived a very full life.

    The service was held in a small chapel on the base and attended by 100 or so. He loved his Budweiser. So much so, when cremated his ashes were stored in a large, commemorative CG Bud bottle. The bottle, along with the folded flag, sat squarely at the front of the church during our service. The bottle and flag will rest in his wife's home until she passes.

    His wife spoke at the service and our laughter lead to tears. She was so funny - telling stories of his times. He was quite the character. His son also spoke similarly. In the end, he drew a can of Bud from his coat, and looking up said, "Dad, this Bud's for you". He opened it, took a drink, then presented it to his family in the front row; each taking a sip in turn.

    His name was Patrick Bonner. My family is great friends with his sister's family but I did not know him well before the service. Between the service and the reception, I grew to knew him more and the kind of person he was. He will be missed.

    God Speed to you, Patrick.
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    His name was Patrick Bonner.

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    To him: Godspeed!