Going rate of a 995TS in a LGS?

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by 85_GT_Kid, May 11, 2015.

  1. 85_GT_Kid

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    Newbie here wanting to know what you guys think is a good price on a basic 995TS? Went in to one near my house for the first time (never went in since I didn't have any money :eek:) and he had one on the wall next to some ARs but I couldn't read the price tag and he was on the phone so I left. Cheapest online i've seen is $250 at SOG but when you factor in shipping and the FFL you're at $300. Not sure if I want to pull the trigger just yet on a carbine as I want an AR-15 BAD but we'll see :D. I will be getting a HP pistol soon though so don't worry ;). Now to put one of the cars for sale...
  2. I think I paid $265 for my 995TS, but that was a few years ago.

  3. cicpup

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    Around the $300 mark.
  4. Check out gallery of guns. And do a free quote. Don't look at what they have the msrp listed. It's always high.
    Free quote with zip code and they will show you what the total cost will be from 4 or 5 different gunships they have partnered with in your area.
    I got my 995ts through them for $240 OTD.
    The prices they list are all fees included shipping ffl etc.
    You pay a down payment online. Then when you pick it up pay the rest.
  5. talon

    talon the banned wagon

    $289 at my LGS for the 995, $339 for r 4945. He doesnt carry the 4095 due to lack of sake. Can't keep a 9 or 45 on the shelf.
  6. planosteve

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    What does Sake have to do with 4095 sales? :D
  7. Dane

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    Last Gun show by me they were low $200s marked. I didn't haggle on pricing, so I don't know how low if any they would go.
  8. talon

    talon the banned wagon

    Not enough drunk orientals to sell them too.

    Stupid autocorrect. Sales not sake.
  9. planosteve

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    I hate auto correct at times.
  10. were they used or was that show 5 years ago?

    Just kidding anything under $250 new is a great deal IMO. anything under $300 is okay depending on your location.
  11. aztlan

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    I agree with the last post. $300 or less schould be fair. I have seen prices vary from state to state but the average should be about $270.
  12. ginemore

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    No this is for the 995 but I was in a lgs here in Minnesota and they had used but like new 4595 for $415.00:eek:
  13. At Stuebs in Hilo, Hawaii, all three (.45acp, 9mm, and .40) are at $297.00. Not bad for here.
  14. talon

    talon the banned wagon

    Call a thousand different gun shops, you'll get a thousand different prices.

    That said $339 right now for the 4095 and 4595 and $319 for the 995 in NW Indiana.
  15. PhillyinFl

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    What's up guys ? Newbie here.
    I paid $318.00 for my 995 OTD from my local pawn shop that was for a propack. 3 mags and a holder. He doesn't charge tax or for a bg check.
    Plus he sold me a Sig foward grip with light and laser that retails for $190.00 for $60.00.
    Sometimes it's better to just stick with a good local merchant.
  16. greg_r

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    $248, $262 otd
  17. SEP

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    995TS new = $293.
    4095TS new = $267.
    995TS used = $200.

    After I purchased the new 995TS I started seeing them for $255 new in my area. Still see them at that price every so often.
  18. Eastmesa995ts

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    Just paid $303 otd for my first hi-point. It's a 995ts with red dot. Can't wait to take it out to the range.
  19. dlidster

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    $237 from Bud's. Free shipping.
  20. Dane

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    Where is this located?

    Gotta be getting tax some how. Maybe it is figured in their pricing already.