Going to have to let them go

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  1. Well, it looks like I'm going to have to quit and let the University of Phoenix go. I know that we may all be disgruntled employees in one degree or another, but I've just about had it with Phoenix (University of Phoenix, that is). You may know them as one of the leading on-line colleges, but, in my opinion, they are just paper mills trying to make money. They don't care about teaching... they don't care about their students... and they surely don't care about their conscientious employees... It's the same old corporate mentality of making a buck, y'know.

    Phoenix has a satellite campus in Savannah, and they give classes to working adults at night and such; but, for all I do for them... and every standard that they expect of me that I try to enforce... for every class I've taken for them... for every test, and paper, and assignment, and grade... they just don't care. In the end, corporate policy and money are their driving factors. I work more than the full-fledge professors and get treated the worse... and for all my work, I get paid the least and get no credit. I know that I'm just a glorified grad student to them, but I'm doing their job while they sit in their offices or at home (what they call their office). There's a lot more BS, but in the end, it's time to hang them up and let them hire another lackey.

    I'm saying all of this because if some of you have been thinking about them, do your research and check your options first because Phoenix may not be your best choice. They're the most expensive non-traditional school out there; and, in my opinion, they have a lot of improvements to make administratively and scholastically.

    Especially soldiers -- or anyone affiliated with the military -- in this area, Columbia College and Webster University have much better, much more affordable programs (and they treat their people with more respect :) ) Check your options first before committing yourself!

    Thanks for letting me rant.
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    The following may sound like an advertisement, but it is meant to help out any other Military or ex-military who haven't gotten their degrees yet.

    Don't forget about Excelsior College out of Albany N.Y.
    They are about as non-traditional as you can get for Military members.

    They accept unlimited transfer credits for any accredited school...as many as you want to transfer, and you could literally get your entire degree with transfer credits. They have no residency requirement at all.

    Another option is CLEP, DANTES, and Excelsior College Exams...they are absolutely free to active duty military and you can earn your entire degree by taking exams...I know it's true because I actually did it.

    My entire Bachelor of Science Degree cost me a total of $1,100.00 (Enrollment & Graduation Fees)

    If you are Military and have bounced from college to college and havent earned enough credit for any single institution to get your degree, Excelsior may be your answer.

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    Speaking as a former University director.... TRUST me, I know how you feel.

    20...heck, even 10 years ago, a University was considered a place of education. It was a place you could safely take risks and experiment with everything from a new engine design to a new musical piece.

    Now? Between professors jockeying for corporate endorsements for their for-market research projects and the OTHER professors just trying to acheive the position of Provost or Dean so they can amass more power than a governer, it's all about the bottom line. Things like student protest, new medical research and cutting edge arts programs are considered a detraction from the BUISNESS of education.

    And there really isn't much educating going on anymore.

    A very sad state indeed.
  4. One of their policies, the one that sent me over the edge, is that they don't "fail" students -- well, unless they don't show or do the work. So, as long as someone shows up, they pass.... Everytime I give a low grade, F or D, I have to justify why I'm giving the grade. Y'know, I have to produce the tests and papers and such. Even if the student fails the work...it's still not their fault - it's mine. C'mon. Look at their work! Compare them with the other classmates and see for yourself. I just feel like I'm on trial in those cases.

    Well, what happened was - and it wasn't the first time - the "Dean" changed my grade and gave the student a passing score. Not a high score, but a "C". All they want is the student to continue to take classes, buy books, and pay their tuition until... they finally graduate. And, then what? They're a legitimate college grad? I've seen a box of rocks smarter; and, they're going to go out into the workforce and have an advantage over people smarter than them just because they don't have a piece of paper that he bought. It's a sad state to produce such graduates. I had to go.