Going to shoot the AR right now!!!

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  1. Don't worry guys, I'll post some videos and a range report once I get back. WOO HOO!!!
  2. Ok, first off, I am kinda disappointed with the "range trip" today, only because I was only able to shoot 6 rounds of the 120 I brought with me. However, it only took 6 rounds to sight it in at 35 yards... It's good now out to 100 for sure. In the video, I said it was 25 yards, but after stepping it off, it's right at 35 yards...

    However, the fun started after the shooting stopped, and if any of you guys know how life is on the coast, you'll know what I'm talking about.

    Anywho, the video of my dad taking the first shot, and random pics of the gun...



    I took this picture of the target upside down, the first shot is the one on the top left, it should be flipped to bottom right.. but you guys get the idea. Bore sighted it at 200 yards, so that's not bad for a first shot. Then the shots continue from left to right, the last shot the one in the middle of the 3 inch circle I drew on that waxed cardboard box.

    THEN THE FUN BEGAN!!! Crab Boil BABY!!!! All the blue crabs and cold beer you could eat and drink!!!! God I love being home!!!!


    Not a bad day. I fulfilled my promise to my dad to get the first shot on that AR, now I can have fun with it.... and I got free blue crab and beer all afternoon.... How's THAT for a vacation!?

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    Holy heck! I don't know what looks better, the AR or the crab.

    At the current moment I think the crab wins. Now I am going to go eat and when I come back I am sure the AR will win.
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    Dude! Forget about the lack of rounds fired: Grab a few sticks of butter and a case of frosty beverage and be grateful for what looks like a HELL of alot of fresh crab!

    Damn. You know how long it's been since I've had fresh, non-froofy crab?
  5. Before we started eatin, that crab was in the Gulf of Mexico an hour before.

    Also, did you guys see the grin on my Dad's face when he got up from shootin'? That right there means the world to me. He doesn't go shootin' that much, and damn it, he's never been hunting with me in spite of all of his promises.... Hey, he's old military, been to 'Nam, and LOVED that AR... hell, he even took the thing apart blind folded tonight when we cleaned it. He said he could do it, so I challenged him on it. Wager was a case of his frosty beverage of choice... needless to say, I lost that one, but he did share the frosty beverage. Guys, my Dad is a HOSS... once we cleaned it, he assembled the rifle blind folded just to see if he could do it... Damn it if he didn't get it perfect on the first try.... We are prolly gonna shoot some more rounds out of it tomorrow, try to shoot the barrel in if we can find a place to shoot it. That's the major concern out here, way too many people!!! 10 years ago there weren't any people out here and we could shoot all we wanted to... Now, you shoot 1 round and the Sherriff gets called out... Population growth is a bitch....

    Only good thing is we still have blue crab in the bayou... YUMMY!!!
  6. Oh, and by the way, that was just 1 of 3 pots of crab that we scarfed this afternoon... And, I get to bring some home when I leave on Sunday... Dry ice the whole 9... George said he'd give me 20 pounds... PARTY AT MY HOUSE YA'LL!!!!

    Just don't forget to bring the Bud Light!
  7. I HATE YOUR FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Glad you got to shoot that thing bro. Now hurry up and get back here so I can shoot it!!!!!! :D

    I got the beer under control!!!!!!!!! Lets eat some CRAB
  8. I'll have to stop by there and talk to him today. I gotta get the arrangements to pick up my crab baby!

    I never thought you guys would be more attracted to the blue crab than the rifle.... I guess food over-rides guns at certain times.... man, those crabs were GOOD! :wink:
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    Looks like a good time was had by all. I'm glad you got to have that moment with your Dad. Those are special.
  10. Well, I didn't get to bring any crab home with me, they had already boxed all of it up for the trip to the seafood market by the time I'd gotten there.... Anywho, I'll get some more another time. I can always have the guy send some to me...

    Stryker1, feel like eating some crab in a few weeks?
  11. Hell YEAH. I am always down!!! PM me I have some new details for you.