going to the gun shop tomorrow

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  1. Well, it looks like my parents are going to buy me a C9 for my birthday/Christmas. I'm heading to the gun shop after work tomorrow (I have a half day) and my boss is going to let me take a road trip to pick it up on Monday. I can't wait =] Also, we're finally getting a settlement from our insurance company (my wife was hit by a drunk driver in April, ran a red light, no insurance, suspended license--luckily we have uninsured motorist coverage) and my wife wants me to spend a little cash on myself so I might look into a Saiga. I can't wait until I can pick up my new C9.
  2. Congrats on the new gun(s) buddy!

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    Very good enjoy both are great guns
  4. Hope you have better luck at your show than I did at mine this past weekend. Lots of guns but nothing I really wanted and most of the prices were comprable if not a bit higher than the local shop prices. Gun shows just dont seem to be what they used to be.
  5. Both are good guns. Congrats. You're gonna enjoy that c-9.
  6. Well I'm finally part of the Hi-Point crowd now =] Paid for my new C9 last Thursday and picked it up today, on the clock I might add. My boss has been pretty cool lately (since it took about two hours to get up there, do the rest of the paper work and get back). No pics right now, I have to go to my parents for Christmas eve, but you all know what a stock C9 looks like anyway. Merry Christmas guys, hope you have a good one, I know I sure will.
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    congrats on the buy