Going to the hunters safety coarce

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  1. Anyone know what I am going to be doing?
  2. Most of them teach you how not to shoot yourself and to be sure as to what you're shooting at. As in, don't shoot at a bush that is moving and stuff like that. Most accidents happen because shooters didn't properly identify their target or didn't account for the background should they miss. For example, if you are laying down and aiming at a deer and miss high, you probably didn't notice the farm house a mile away that just lost their second floor window. I've always preferred to be above the target so when I miss, and yes, I said WHEN, the only thing I hit is the ground.

  3. Basically they teach you what he said, as well as very basic first aid, and other extremely common sense things. I took my hunters safety course a few years ago, just cause you need to take it to get your hunting license after you turn 16.. and it was just all very basic things that they teach you.
  4. When I went through hunters safety in Minnesota, they also gave you a rudimentary knowledge of how to field dress your animal, basic anatomy of the game etc. That way, as a hunter, if you want to keep the heart and liver of your kill, you'll know where they are located inside the chest cavity/rib cage. It's basically simple stuff like that.

  5. That sounds interesting.
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    when i took it here in maine. it was 2 days of boring videos. and a little hands on learning the functions of rifles and shotguns , safe handling. pretty easy , also passed this course with 100%
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    Took mine i MO 25t years ago , they went over how to be safe in the above post and allso went over diff actions ,types of rifles, shotguns, pistols, revolvers ect. it was a two day class.