Going Under The Knife

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    I am getting my right shoulder done today. Result of an injury received back in July. Worker comp moves slower than a snail.

    I am really going to have a challenge as I injured the left shoulder a couple of weeks ago.

    After my car accident 3 fingers on my left hand are 70% useless. I am going to get that checked out next week. That and the chest thing as a result of my shoulder harness. I lost 7 days of work from the car wreck. The paralegal at my attorney's office told me I can't recover any of my lost wages from the accident until things are done. That confuses me as back in '81 my car insurance covered my lost wages right away. That's all they would have to pay as worker comp will be paying 4-6 weeks starting today for my recovery. I'll be glad when all this crap is over! :p

    I haven't heard from my attorney if the other guy's insurance company has done their investigation and accepted fault yet. No rental car yet. I'm switching from a borrowed '84 8mpg Chevy truck to a '74 Satellite that is dressed like a Road Runner.

    Yipeeeeee! What fun! :rofl:
  2. lklawson

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    Sux dude. Good luck.

    Peace favor your sword,

  3. ajole

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    NE Utah
    The paralegal probably meant you can't recover it from the other party, and didn't think about worker's comp, nor your insurance.

    Good luck man, the surgeons these days can do miracles.:)
  4. SWAGA

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    Good luck TNT!
  5. rmuniz9336

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    Good luck and prayers for a speedy and through recovery.
  6. MachoMelvin

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    Just close your eyes & say;
    LORD please bring me through all this a better man, in your son JESUS'S Holy name I pray, AMEN!!!
  7. mr_flintstone

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    I feel for you man! After my run-around with the county and their insurance, I finally get my truck back today; five weeks to the day after my accident. Luckily all I got was a stiff neck, and didn't miss any work. And by the way, they never did get me a rental car.

    I really feel for you over the shoulders. Short of back pain, shoulder pain is the worst for trying to get a decent night's sleep. A while back I hurt one of mine and couldn't find a comfortable spot to sleep for quite a while. I finally wound up on our love seat; wedged in sideways with pillows. Hopefully you can sleep on your back.

    Anyway, good luck. I hope you feel better and recover your lost wages.
  8. desertrider

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    Best of luck on the surgery and hope the recovery is quick.
  9. moona11

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    Your own insurance should be paying for most of it right now. That's what Liability / no fault are for. Check with them.
  10. moona11

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    Good luck trash
  11. FirearmFanatic

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    Good luck hope all goes well for you!
  12. cruiser

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    Best of luck TTT
  13. ratchowmein

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    Draw an arrow saying this shoulder LOL. Good luck.
  14. MaryB

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    Good luck and be prepared for WORSE pain after the surgery for a few weeks! Did my right shoulder twice! And get that hand checked ASAP the longer you wait the more permanent the damage gets!
  15. cicpup

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    Numbness? Worst in pinky yet not as bad by the middle one?
  16. MaryB

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    Carpal tunnel...
  17. cicpup

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    Nope. Try again. CT originates at the thumb, not the pinky.
  18. MaryB

    MaryB Supporting Member

    Got my entire hand after the car accident...
  19. greg_r

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    Good luck with your surgery TTY.

    Why is YOUR insurance not taking care of you. That's what you pay them for. They should make you whole, then sue the other party for their costs.