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    whats the shipping cost???
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    wanted to add my .02

    I've been shopping around, since I don't reload yet, here's the best I've found locally;
    Blazer Brass .40 S&W, Walmart, 12.47 per 50rd box, 24.9 cents/rd vs say at 33.8 cents/rd
    Remington bulk paks of .22, Walmart, 13.88 per 550 pak, 2.5 cents/rd

    Wolf .40 S&W, on sale at Gander Mtn until 5/4/08, 10.95 per 50rd box (actually haven't bought any of this yet, got 500 rds of BB at Walmart today along with 2 Remy 550 bulkpaks of .22)

    Most of the stuff online had shipping costs excluded except Ammoman, but when compared on a per round basis, it made sense for this not-yet-reloader to buy local.