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    This morning @ app 0600 the power goes out. I am on well water so when there is no power there is no water. Also my house is central heat and air supplied so no real source of heat.

    Things to keep in mind.

    1. The toilet has one good flush in it. Make it count.
    2. Dripping rain/sleet water can be captured to make another flush. If you have solids you need to fill almost to the full line. If it is just liquids (my pee stinks) half full (or empty) will work.
    3. Toilet paper doesnt have to be flushed. It is hard to convince the wife of this but it is true. Yes it can be nasty but when you have to go outside for water you don't want double flushes.
    4. You can never have enough fresh water in gallon jugs. Under no circumstance do you use fresh clean water for flushing.
    5. Take two coffee cups and fill them with fresh water for dental purposes. Use one cup to wet the toothbrushes and the other to wash them off after brushing. Pour the second cup over the toothbrush to avoid germ build up. Use leftover water to rinse out your mouth.
    6. Play board games with your family before the power goes off. If you don't play board games on a regular basis don't expect to be entertained when there is nothing else to do.
    7. Have an alternate source of heat. I currently have two Mr. Heater Tough buddys that are connected to 20lb propane tanks. According to the mfr this should supply me with around 100 hrs of heat.
    8. If you plan on using propane bottles make sure they are full before bad weather strikes. You don't want to be standing in line @ the PPX when they run out.
    9. Light is your friend. That super duper bright flashlight isn't so great when you forget to charge/replace the batteries. My local walmart sells 60 hr candles for around 3 bucks. Buy a few. One is great. Three is better.
    10. Crank up radio/lights are worth their weight in gold. Not knowing what is going on around you doesnt help the situation. It doesn't change the situation other than your moral. Moral can be the difference of living in harmony or stuffing your significant other in the freezer.
    11. Leave the fridge door shut!! Know exactly what you are going for and if you have to open it get in and out as quickly as possible.
    12. Turn the hot water heater on pilot/vacation. Even on city water there is the possibility of the water being sucked away from your house. The last thing you need is the hot water heater boiling and cracking the inside of the tank.
    13. Leave your porchlight on. This may sound stupid but if you leave your porchlight on the Utility company can see if you have power or not. When there is a major outage they work to restore the masses first and then come back for the individual houses. Give them a lil visual indicator as to whether or not you are good to go.
    14. When the power starts to come back on if you haven't already unplug your valuable electronics. Many times the power will come on and then go back off. This is not good on items such as PCs and the like.
    15. Food. Have plenty. I don't know about you but when there is nothing to do I find myself snacking.
    16. Blankets. A good fleece blanket or comforter is great.

    I will probably add more later and your suggestions are welcome. My wife has been after me to get a wood burning stove and it would have been great to have one but until the $$ situation changes a lil it is not in the cards. If you have one your options for heat obviously are better.
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    Well here on Fort Riley the power has been going off and on for a while now.
    As some Know I have a laptop and sprint wireless. so I will be connected as long as I have Cell phone signal.

    My main light is rechargeable threw 12 volt IE the car or truck.

    Candles are a must.

    And with a 4 month old baby I have left my self pissin in the wind.

    I only have enough propane for about 10 hours of constant use.

    However I do have two vehicles and and two Atv's that batteries can be drained to power the little 12 volt heater.

    I will not kill the truck or car batteries I will let them recharge same for the ATV. but a generator would be nice.

    I also have small oil lamp that can heat a small tent.

    OK the tent idea sounds dumb but it is cold as heck and if it comes to it you bet I'll set one up in the living room and camp out in it as a barrier from the cold.

    BUT::: Before that happens............

    YES I HAVE A GAS STOVE!!!!!!!! and the four top burners will work you just have to use a match or a lighter. And they can heat up the kitchen pretty darn well did this last winter when the power went out for a day.

    Any way best to be prepared then making a late night run hoping to find some place open with what you need.

    Food is now problem. Well except the fact that I would have to cook in the dark LOL.

    Best of luck to all in the freeze zone.

  3. Best wishes to you guys in the path of the ice storm, know first hand what you guys are in for and hope things go well for you and your families.
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    Dang, I love these kinds of threads.
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    My advice, go the a fleamarke, and pick up MREs(for food). At the friendship fleamarket it Friendship, IN, (during the NMLRA meet)there is a 2 week fleamarket. Every time there is a guy with a bunch of military surplus items, including boxes of 12 MREs he sells for $40 apiece. I bought 20 boxes for $500, and now I have them stored in my basement.
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    If you do happen to have either a woodstove or other heater that keeps the house toasty, you fridge may not keep the food fresh. If you have things in your fridge that you might access frequently, and it is cold outside, consider using the cold to your advantage and store them just outside your back door. If it is below freezing, take some of the "blue ice" cooler inserts and leave them outside and rotate them in and out of the fridge. This will help suck out excess heat and keep the perishables good longer.
  7. You guys burning propane heaters and running your stoves inside for heat, please remember to have adequate ventilation, especially you Thayldt21 as infants are very susceptible to carbon monoxide poisoning. It seems counter intuitive, but crack a window (a 1/4 inch is probably enough) in the room running the heaters or the kitchen stove. If you have a CO detector that is run off batteries thats even better. I would hate to see you guys survive the cold only to be taken down by a gas that you are unaware of. Be safe and I hope they get you back on power soon.
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    +1 to Drilln
    if you can afford it get a kerosene heater is good because it is safe to use indoors. Had one growing up. Along with a solar oven. (hey it's gonna be sunny 82% of the time in Colorado so why not?) Had a wood stove and a wood supply (enough for a couple days), one year of food, 1000 gallons of water, enough guns and ammo to hold out for a while and depending on which part of my life either a Huge Rottweiler a German Shepard or an Alaskan Malamute to at least bark at an inturder. Plus the weather is pretty darn pleasant in Colorado.
  9. I have vented gas logs for heat. i am planning on upgrading to a vent free setup so i can retain more heat from the gas i burn. I have my milwaukee radio and 12 volt charger, so i have am/fm and a weather band. For cooking have the camp propans stove and 3 bottles. Also we have over 50 candles left over from my weding so light is not a problem. The only problem is the power didnt go off, and i had to go to work. I was all excited about bugging in, and nothing.
  10. We use a kerosene heater for emergency heat when the ice takes out the power. I ALWAYS cross ventilate the main room I keep the heater in and have a Carbon Monoxide detector just as a safeguard. I do not like kerosene heaters but have no wood burning stove or fireplace either, so I just make sure its ready for the winter season and use it if I have to.

    Cross ventilating the room is your safest way to keep from getting a buildup of carbon monoxide when using a flame source for heating. 1/2" is about right provided you can actually feel air flow moving in or out.

    Last two ice storms we had there were a number of people who died from improper use of generators, kerosene and propane heaters. All were the result of carbon monoxide poisoning due to no cross ventilation while in use.

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    We have ice storms and other bad weather here in nc IN that knock out the power from time to time so I have found it necessary to be prepared.

    Part of my setup is as follows.

    Gas pilot light hot water heater, stove and heat. My furnace makes all of the electricity it needs to operate.
    13 kerosene lamps
    5 Coleman white gas lanterns
    3 Coleman white gas stoves
    A LP gas stove with the hookup so it can be hooked up to a tank
    LP turkey fryer.
    1 kerosene heater
    4.5 KW generator
    4 large Coleman steel coolers
    1.5 large plastic totes filled with candles and candle making supplies.
    A number of miscellaneous flashlights
    A somewhat large first aid kit
    Wool blankets
    Craft supplies
    A large plastic tote full of cloth diapers and diaper covers. I do not have a baby.
    Toys for children. I do not have children.
    Clothing for babies and children.
    Books to read. At one point over 4000.
    My little HDV
    Guns and ammo

    I would like to add
    A treadle sewing machine
    Larger generator
    More LP
    Snow shoes

    The MAG has
    Big LP tanks
    An artesian well
    white gas lanterns, kerosene lamps, candles and white gas/LP stoves
    Gasoline powered washing machine.
    Guns and ammo
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    Yes I have taken this into consideration. I had the power out last night and had to crack a window in the kitchen and another by the front door. Also have battery back up carbon monoxide detectors.

    The house stayed warm untill the power came back on.

    As for MRE's we have a case and plenty of other food stuffs to include infant formula and food.

    Water has been stocked but could use more. Always use more, lol.

    This is an edit::::::

    I live in on post housing so the detectors are installed and tested regular. Also The stove is a PITA to light with a cigarette lighter so I must find the BBQ lighter. LOL

    Have to admit I had to find the good flashlights as they were put away for the event of an Emergency. Not fun at 3am with a shake flash light. So we got a few more today too just leave layin around. again more is better.

    Not to mention wallmart has been rat F'ed bug time. Good thing we were just there to get some NON needed items.
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    Have one, The stove was used to save the fuel. Why use MY SHTF fuel when I can use the free fuel.
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    I was pointing those out since they are safe to use indoors without fear of death. Mine has a low oxy shut off as well as the tip over shut off.
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    oh yeah way back when in the original post. you do not want to use that last flush for the toilet. That is good water that has nothing wrong with it. You should use that water for drinking and only use rain or contaminated water to flush. (just dump the bucket right into the bowel it works just as well. (make sure not to slosh)
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    I am on well water. We only drink the water that goes through the filter. We don't filter the toilet water or the shower water for obvious reasons. In a normal circumstance, what you said may be true. Just not at our house. I would drink collected rain water before I drunk our unfiltered well water.
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    Need to invest in a small filtration system that is not pressure dependant. Something like a Brita Pitcher type filter where you can use the water from the toilet tank, or rain water for drinking.
    I use any left over water from washing to flush with.
    When I was stationed in Korea in the mid 90's the water main broke for the base. We went two weeks without running water. The Base Commander ordered that we use the non-drinking water for flushing the toilets. I complied with his order, but in a round about way. I would take a bucket of water for flushing, put a plug in the bathtub, wet myself with a sponge, soap up, rinse off, collect all the water back into the bucket, and then flush. I ended up being to only person who didn't stink until my boss (full Colonel) found out what I was doing, and then everyone started doing it.

    So use your water for washing yourself, your dishes, your clothing, and flush away.