good deal on slickguns for taurus fans

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  1. That's a fantastic price. I have one and I really like it a lot. No issues what so ever with it. I paid $250 for mine and thought I got a good deal.

  2. wganz

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    I'm not a big fan of ToreAss but for $197!! :cool:
  3. undeRGRound

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    3 to 4 weeks shipping timeZ :eek:
  4. I would not bother with a Taurus PT-111 handgun. The triggers are awful and from what I have read they are double action only. If you like a 12 pound trigger pull it may be your type of firearm.

    I prefer a 6 pound to 4 pound trigger pull for a handgun.
  5. Product Specs
    Manufacturer Number 1-111031G2-12
    Type Semi-Auto Pistol
    Action Double/Single Action
    Barrel Length 3.2"
    Overall Length 6.2"
    Caliber 9mm
    Capacity 12 +1 Rounds
    Finish Blue
    Grips Polymer Frame
    Safety Loaded Chamber Indicator,Manual Safety,Manual Safety,Taurus Security System,Trigger safety
    Sights Two Dot Adjustable Rear/ Fixed Front
    Includes 2 Mags, hard case and trigger lock.
    Weight 22 oz
  6. perhaps you have the older model mixed up with the new g2, as it is da/sa
  7. Jeez, such hate from Hi Point owners. BTW, some may be confusing the G2 to the old PT111, as stated above.

    The obvious question I ask Taurus bashers is the same question I ask Hi Point bashers: Do you own one? Or have you even shot one?

    I own five of them and everyone is reliable and I consider a keeper. I've only had one that had to go back for repair due to a bad mag release. They fixed it at no expense to me.
  8. Bull

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    I've got a PT92, and I love it....
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    I've been looking at that for a while now since I got the Taurus magazine/product catalog. They did a nice write up about it. Looks like a nice gun.
  10. BTW, the PT111 G2 will accept Sig 226 magazines. I know this for sure because I use two of these magazines in my pistol. That is range use only because they are too large for CC.
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  11. I think I need one for my collection. :D
  12. Bull

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    I've only put about 350 rounds through it so far.... But in my limited pistol ownership.... It's by far my favorite.
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    That seals the deal for me. Definitely going to get the hours to get one.

    Now, if mom decides to follow suit in adopting an industry standard magazine to get away from proprietary mags.
  14. KyGunCo does not charge your card until it ships!
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    I ordered one last night. That is a good price. Was going to sign up for CCW but they wouldn't allow a hi-point. That is stupid because my C-9 has been great but it is a little to big to carry for me. FYI I will take my class elsewhere.
  16. Bull

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    Did they say why HPs weren't allowed?
  17. that sounds like some serious class warfare BS.
    Might as well be a democrat with a "buy this priced gun or don't carry" attitude.
  18. The instructors get upset when the sub-$200 guns out shoot the $600. ones they've been preaching about. morayman..........
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    Thanks for that tidbit. I don't have to buy a G2 magazine now.