good golly all mightie..

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  1. Well folks, they did it again.
    they had sold the marlin 39 century ltd from under me.:eek:

    So, they had a marlin 39M article ll 22lr with a 20" octagon barrel.
    As per serial # made in 1972. this model is the one hundred anniversary
    with the marking on the receiver.. Only 3,824 made that year..
    They wanted $424.00 couldn't get the price down..
    I sold my husky aircompressor and put the money down for layaway..

    I didn't have a camera, so no pic of the marlin 39M..
    love the lever action of the marlin.. great shape, very good cond..
    No box, went to ebay and had ordered a owner manual..
    It will be awhile before I get the marlin out of layaway..:wah:
  2. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Good for you!

    I don't really prefer the Mountie, but many do. The price is good, even without the all important box.;)

  3. planosteve

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    You can download the manual for free.
  4. thanks.. i really love the 39M..
    I didn't see that many for sale on the web..:indeed:
  5. Browning 9 Guy

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    Please post pics of that beauty when you can. I have an indiscriminating, almost irrational love for all things Marlin. My love in life would be a Marlin 30-30 when one comes along for a good price.
  6. Browning 9 Guy

    Browning 9 Guy Premium Supporter Member

    Sorry to pepper everyone with responses, but my first cousin has a vintage Marlin 30-30 he shoots at matches. I haven't seen the gun in years, he's way out of state, but I'd love to post pics if I could.
  7. Bull

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    I had an old 336 in .35 Remington.... The action had been slicked up sometime.... That was a sweet shooting gun.
  8. ajole

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    NE Utah
    You can find used 336's around here for $300-$400 at pawnshops, they run $400+ new.
  9. I have 2 of those my dad and I bought in 78/79.. both in. 35 rem. After doing an action job and having the trigger done, using Hornady leverlution ammo it pulls 1.25/1.5 groups all day. I can't tell you how many white tail have gone down to our 2..
    We got them from f.w. woolworth"s for $110.00
    I remember they had racks of M1's you could get for $99.00. If only I knew. ...
  10. Browning 9 Guy

    Browning 9 Guy Premium Supporter Member

    Gunbroker has five Marlin 336's listed, ranging from $399 to $639. Four are in 30-30; one's in 35 Remington. To me, any one of them would became a family heirloom for my grandkids to love and enjoy.