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  1. Hope this doesn't violate any TOS but here it is this is the post on good sites that offer parts/accessories for Hi-Points and please provide a review and on a scale of 1-5 bugeyed guys :)shock: ) on customer service, price, shipping times,and quality.

    First review I purchased 2 10rd 9mm mags for my c9 they were 14.03 a piece so I picked up 2 and with shipping it was 36.02.
    Now as for the price you cant beat this with a stick on the mags so :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:
    Next as for customer service they really need to hire more people or something because a 20min hold time is alittle crazy to me but, the lady I talked to was very helpful and nice so they will get :shock: :shock: :shock:
    Now where they will deff loose bugeyed guys is in shipping time I ordered them on 11/22 and thinking this is taking alittle while since I get stiff from cali all the time and the longest it took was 3 days so thats why I called them today and they said that they would be shipped out tomorrow 12/4 and when asked why got no answers on why that was since shipping is a different deparment. So because of that they get :shock: :shock:
    As for quality I will update this post when they arrive which according to them should be friday so I will let you guys know if this post isnt deleted
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    I dont understand you guys :)
    Go straight to the source (Hi Point) and buy direct. No Shipping- AND you get the mags cheaper. They are right from the horses mouth, instead of some squirrley 3rd party.
    what is the deal?