Good News for Philly

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    Crime reporting by city and state varies greatly as some departments down grade events while others inflate them. During a election year most places see a decrease in crime which "HITS" the book and on the other hand when Federal Grants for crime reduction are available then these same departments have a Hugh increase in reportable crime. Show me one City that has had more Cop's shot and Cop's that shoot more Toads then Philly. Are murder rate leads the nation with four more dead and thirteen wounded last night a lone and tonight four of Phillie's PD's finest shot a robbery with a shotgun. The way this group uses the FBI crime stats for the rankings has come under great criticism as the ranking and classification of crime through out the nation is not standardized so what may appear to be a serious crime one place is nothing more then a disturbance in another.

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    Interesting to note:

    Detroit is one of the most famous "big" cities the US has around the world. I mean... KISS, the big 3 motor companies, Motown for god's sake!!!! EVERYONE in the world knows where Detroit is and what they do.

    Or did.

    And yet as of this report, the city only has 919,000 people, and while the "Urban Renewal" is slowing, there is still negative growth.

    Kind of depressing really :cry:
  3. That's because people are getting tired of the corrupt officials running the city and the crime. So they move out. Only problem is, the crime follows them. The "fine, upstanding citizens" of Detroit come out to the suburbs and rob and steal, then they run back across 8 mile road into Detroit. I live 1 mile from the border of Detroit and our crime stats have gone up quite a bit.
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    I have worked in Detroit for a month. I drove all over the metro area, and alot of suburbs of Detroit. Luckily, I was staying in the rather nice Farmington Hills suburb (where the cell company was located). But, during the day, yep, I drove the Cass Coridor, Dearborn (outside the Ford Plant) and other places. I can only thank god, that I had a local, who actually lived south of 8 Mile road, as my driver. He knew the real bad areas, and let me know, quick fast and in a hurry.
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    Well, I guess we won't know for sure until the year is over.
  6. I worked for Xerox for 21 years servicing their products. Some of my territory was in Detroit. I've been in Edsel Ford's home (not in Detroit), UAW Solidarity House, City/County Building, Mound Road and Ryan Road State Prisons, Milan Federal Prison, to small businesses and homes in the ghettos. While working for them we were not allowed to carry (would be fired). We've had techs that were fired on by car jackers, robbed at gunpoint in parking lots, service vans broken into.