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  2. Looks like Calamity Kane is trying to suck up to the voters. Well Wolf did say she had to "concentrate on winning back their trust".

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    Sorry, not eough coffee this morning.

    Does that work both ways?

    Like can PA carry in Ohio and vice a versa?
  4. Yes, aren't you in law?
    Isn't reciprocity lawyer speak?

    Just ribbing you.

    As far as i understand, Reciprocity means your license is good here as well.

    Such as.

    Virginia signed a reciprocity agreement with PA. Now our licenses are covered in both locations.

    It is interesting, though that people from VT. get f*cked when they cross any boarders.
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    LOL..I knew someone would bring up my legal profession.

    Seriously, I am a bit off my game today. Going to be a looooong day.

    Funny, I get paid to read laws and argue that they should be interpreted the way that benefits my client. But I couldn't read that to benefit me.

    Like I said, it's one of those days :eek:
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    A couple weeks ago, when Ohio's new gun laws took effect, I believe OH now recognizes just about every state's CCW permits.
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    I was trying to find that in the new law.

    I see they did make some very positive changes. Most of what I found was about allowing suppressors for hunting.

    I see that when the bill was originally introduced, it included stuff about out of state permit holders, but I thought they removed that to get the bill passed?
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    Can someone please tell me with 100% certainty: If I have a valid CCW permit from Pennsylvania, can I legally carry concealed in Ohio if I live in Ohio now. I'm not a visitor, I live here.

    I'd really appreciate it. Thanks
  9. Not with 100%, but I believe you have a limited period of time to convert your license to an Ohio license. Considering your PA license was issued to you AS a PA resident, and you are no longer a PA resident, it might be invalid even in PA.

    Eventually, you'll need to get an Ohio license. Much like a driver's license. For those, people who have moved residence to Ohio have 30 days to get an Ohio license, otherwise they are considered unlicensed drivers. That's because since you are no longer a residence where your driver's license was issue, it became invalid.

    Traveling is totally different from moving...
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    I think I read that you have 6 months and you pay a higher fee if you've lived in Ohio less than 5 years?
    This is out of the OH AG handbook:
    Ohio has agreements with other states to recognize one another’s concealed handgun licenses. An Ohio resident may carry a concealed handgun under the license of another state within Ohio as long as there is a valid reciprocity agreement with that state or a state’s law automatically recognizes a valid Ohio permit. An Ohio resident carrying the license of a state without a reciprocity agreement must obtain an Ohio license within six months of becoming an Ohio resident. Non-residents may carry in Ohio under

    the license of another state as long as they are temporarily in Ohio. No matter what license you carry, you must obey Ohio’s laws while
    in Ohio.
    Since we now reciprocate with Pa, I'm not sure how to read it.
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