good or bad mosin?

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    ok, so the gunshop i frequent has 10 mosin's in stock. granted i know next to nothing about these guns except that i'm an avid ww2 buff and would love to start a collection of ww2 weapons. i'm asking you guys because you seem to be quite knowledgable and enthusiastic about these guns, so tell me what am i looking for as far as finding a good quality or a dead horse mosin. prices are ranging from 79.99 to 119.00 for the ones with lots of accessories.
  2. First thing to do is check the headspace on the bolt. Being a gunshop, they should have a go/no go guage, so that shouldn't be a problem. If the gun passes the headspace tests, it all comes down to preference, wood grain, overall condition of the stock and irons.... Don't worry too much about the stock unless you want to keep the rifle in original condition. These stocks clean up really well and usually make great looking guns if you decide to refinish the stock.

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    first make sure the bore is good. I have seen a few with holes in the bore. Then look for a nice M38 it is the short one without the bayo. Anything you can find that is prewar will be built a little nicer. As they did not cut corners tell he war started. Most of the time the M38 is a little better shooter then the M44. As some M44's need the bayo out to shoot on target.
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    M44's are like Volkswagen Beetles: Cheap, durable and perform for miles without many complicated parts. I say, if the headspace clears as good, then go with the best, cheapest rifle with matching numbers. This is something to look for in order to ensure the smoothest operation of fitting parts. Beyond that, it will fire like clockwork as long as you clean it once in a while and don't throw it out of a plane :p

    Then again, I'm sure it would do just fine if you did anyways.....

    I say get one!
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    umm.. why are we discussing whether to get one or not? you got the cash, get one.. not that hard. lol.

    but yeah, make sure the bolt numbers match the receiver, or have headspace checked.

    make sure the bore is nice and shiney.. and the rest is basically asthetics.