Good Range Day

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  1. Finally made it to the range for the week. Went through 100 rounds each 9mm and .40 cal.

    9mm: PMC Bronze 115gr FMJ & Blazer Brass 115gr FMJ. The C9 ate 'em up withouut a hiccup. 50 rounds each.

    .40 cal: WWB 165gr FMJ & Blazer 165gr TMJ. The JCP ate 'em up with only 1 hiccup. FTFire on the last round of the magazine. Not quite sure why, either. Reloaded that one round and it fire right off.

    I had just polished the feed ramps on both weapons on Thursday and Friday.
    I left the barrel in the C9, polished, then cleaned it up with CLP. Man that stuff stays around forever! :) At the range, there was still excess CLP in the mag well, which in turn got on the mags themselves, then on my hands, making it somewhat of a challenge to rack the slide at times, thus causing FTFeed the first round at times. Oh, well. I'll know better next time I use the CLP. :)

    For the JCP, I removed the barrel, polished, then cleaned it up with CLP. No problems racking the slide on this weapon at the range. :p

    I had been using tennis racket grip tape on both the C9 and the JCP. Well, I decided to replace the grip tape on the C9 with the Hogue Handall. Man what a difference. Looks better, too. Sooooo, I bought a Handall for my JCP at the range today. :D

    Here are some pics:
    For the first two images here I was using both eyes to aim. I usually aim with one eye. Much easier to get back on target using both eyes.

    For this target I started at 75 feet firing 20 rounds aiming with one eye. I then brought it in to 50 feet, again 20 rounds aiming with one eye. the last 10 rounds were at 21 feet using both eyes to aim. The first 40 rounds were aimed at COM; the last 10 were head shots. This was all with the40 JCP.

    I am happy with the results of todays visit. It was a bit of a relief to use both eyes to aim. One-eye-aiming wears out my brain too fast, especially at 21 feet, which is where I usually practice the most.

    Now the grips. First up is the JCP with the grip tape:

    Next is the C9 with the Hogue:

    The silhouette target was the last 50 rounds of the visit. My arms were getting fatigued. The JCP gets heavy in a hurry after 150 rounds when you're not in very good shape. :lol:

    I still need to do more work on my low-and-left hits, which today was a lot. :?

    Take care and stay safe.

    ETA: The 2 small targets above: rate of fire was about 1 round every 1.5 to 2 seconds. The 21 foot silhouette shots were about the same rate of fire as the small targets.