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  1. I was at the range with a friend of mine last night, and I got into a discussion with a friend of my friend's, a guy whose dad owns a check cashing business. He has been robbed several times, and the last incident was the one we were discussing. Three males walked into his business, one produces a pistol from the front of his pants, and they proceed to rob him. The good guy reaches for his pistol, and the other two bad guys pull their's. The robbers put him on the ground, take the cash, his pistol, and then flee. The good guy retrieves another pistol and gives chase. He wounded one of the bad guys, they ended up arresting the other two, etc. What was shocking was that they let the guys bond out, and were told to report back after Christmas for sentencing, so they were back on the street almost immediately. As shocking as that info. was, one of the interesting points brought up was that the p.d. showed up, confiscated good guy's gun, holster, and magazines. This shooting was over a year ago, and he still has not gotten his gun back. Not only that, but when you get your gun back, it will have the police department's case number of the shooting incident engraved on it. According to good guy, if they're nice, they'll engrave it on the inside of the magazine well. If not, it will be on the outside, on the side of the receiver, etc. This is another good reason to carry the C9, etc. for CCW. A $5-700 gun sitting in the safe for over a year, and then when you get it back there is damage from mishandling and engraving? I'd rather do this with the $150. C9 I have...
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    Where is this being done?
    Is this a local thing or county or state or what.
    I want to stay far away from there!

  3. No kidding who does that?
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    ya i'd like to know as well.

    where i live justified shootings you usually get the gun back in about 2weeks.. a month tops.. and no engraving.

    either way the cost of a hi-point is a plus if you carry one if it's taken or stolen or what ever it's not such a big deal.
  5. This was in Houston, Texas. Has anyone else here been in a self-defense related shooting they feel comfortable with sharing? Can you describe what happened in the aftermath?
  6. The bad guys flee, the good guy retrieves a second pistol and gives chase shooting one of the bad guys. Here in Florida the good guy would have been charged with attempted murder. Once the threat is over you can not use deadly force. Maybe this is why the delay in getting his handguns back.
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    im not sure i had heard someone say once in texas you're aloud ot give chase, i honestly dont know if thats true or not though.
  8. We just had an incident in Miami a liquor store got robbed. The owner of the adjoining store a dollar store or something witnessed the bad guys get in a car. The dollar store guy gave chase in his own car firing his handgun out the window while speeding through Miami city streets. The bad guys finally crashed out and were arrested. The dollar store guy is going to spend a lot more time in jail than the bad guys. This is an extreme example but as an armed citizen you are only able to stop an immediate threat. You can't chase down, apprehend and arrest bad guys at gun point. If the bad guys flee you memorize all the important details and make an accurate report to the police. Not sure of the law in Texas.
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    I dont really worry about that particular situation much: I Honestly dont want to be in that position at all, even though I carry.
    What I DO NOT like is the fact some gungho LEO's, will take your firearm apart, ammo out and everything, and tell you not to load it till they are gone. Simple traffic stop even. Others, as long as you upfront about the situation, will act accordingly on that stop.
    Remember: its all about "Officer Safety" in that situation. Nice.....
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    ewww thats gross, but it's kinda funny, ya wait till we're gone cause if you load it and start shooting people we dont wanna be around when that happens.
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    In Arizona, it took me 3 weeks to get my C9 back. There was ALOT of red tape and overall an experience that left me feeling rather like I was the deviant.

    Not fun.
  12. Because it can be done 8)
  13. No charges were filed against the good guy. You can give chase in Texas, and probably Florida too, if there exists the possibility that you cannot recover the property. Lots of cash = never seen again...
  14. Wow. And Arizona is a pretty gun friendly state, too. Care to share the story? If not, that's cool. I'd just like to hear from someone else their situation to know what will happen.
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    This shooting was over a year ago, and he still has not gotten his gun back. Not only that, but when you get your gun back, it will have the police department's case number of the shooting incident engraved on it.

    If I did this in Minnesota I, or my department would be buying the exonertated goodguy a new gun. That is why they make evidence tags and bags. I would concider a good lawyer as a way to remedy such a situation.

    Take Care and Stay Safe.
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    sadly the gun is probably either been destroyed or made its way to one of the officers collection.. sad but true with a case like this it's been so long i doubt he will ever see the gun again.
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    Most cops here in California consider it there duty to remove as many guns from the public as they can. They don't want any competition and they would just as soon they were the only people armed. It's an anti-gun state. Our liberal Senator Finestink has armed guards wherever she goes but she wants the rest of us without any protection at all. They will take your weapon and make you get a lawyer and fight to get it back.
  18. Took me almost 9mo to get my handgun back, Ruger MkII, after an incident in 1990 while living in Texas. Reason it took so long is they had to hold the firearm as evidence till the BG's trial was over, he got 15yrs for felony 2nd on burglary. To top it off he was also a convicted child molester and was coming thru my then 4yr old daughters window at about 3am.
  19. Ahhhhhh. That's why. The defense may want to hold it up and show the jury, explain how his client was almost killed, etc. I got ya. That makes sense, and probably another good reason not to put slogans on your gun or do anything that makes it look more "war like" or "assault weapon'ish".
  20. once the threat is over.....nice way of florida getting around property protection. :roll: