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  1. Here are SOME of the toyz:
    Taurus PT-25
    Hi-Point C9
    Hi-Point JHP .45ACP
    CF 1911A1 US Armed Forces
    Hi-Point 995
    Savage 64 (scope not mounted)

  2. laubert75

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    ah man, those Garands are so damn awesome, how much was it?

  3. Dreamthief

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  4. Ari

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    Take a closer pick of your M1 and your No. 1 Enfield. Now that I know you have these two weapons I can tell you have good taste :wink:
  5. The M1 and Enfield are my Dad's. HE has good taste.

    lauburt75: all I can say is, the M1 was over $800. and the Enfield was................$15.00 50 years ago from what He told me.
    I have good tast also, I bought some Hi-Points didn't I? :wink:
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