Got 750 rds 9mm for $100 with tax...

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  1. My local Meijers store is not reordering handgun ammo, only rifle and shotty.

    I cleaned off their shelf of the Winchester whitebox 115 gr FMJ ammo....750 rds for $100 with tax included.

    My C9 really liked it at the range.

    I also have like 1,200 rds of WOLF 115 Ruger P95DC seems to like that.
  2. Man, that's a great buy.

  3. I hope you reload.
  4. Good move on your part, but sad that another retailing is abandoning shooters...:(

    Great that you've got some cheap shooting ahead of you. Shoot 'em while you've got 'em.

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    I agree: good price, and good for you on grabbing it up!