Got a Bersa .380

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  1. Hello all.

    Just wanted to say hey and that I picked up a used in new condition Bersa Thunder .380 Duo-tone for $219 with a fobus paddle holster about 3 weeks ago.

    Had been planning on getting one after talking my brother into getting one for himself.
    Went to the shop and was looking at this one, picked up the holster he had for it and when he said he would throw the holster in for free I couldn't resist.

    Have put 116 rounds thru it without a single malfunction and I have to say it is very accurate.

    Now I just have to get a IWB holster, take my CCW class and do the paperwork and I am ready to go.

    Well time to disappear into the abyss for a few more weeks as school and work and hunting season take over my life again.

  2. Bersa was my first choice for my first hand gun until I got highjacked by HP. Gotta work my way back around to that, by way of a Makarov. :D

  3. I got a solid black Bersa 380 and am in the process of seing how dependable it is . I put 2 boxes of magtech through it with a few FTF . I run some Sellers & Bellot with no problem , next I run some Sapsan steel cased ammo with no problems. I went to Walley World and got a box of Winchester and a box of Remington and shot them yesterday with no problem . I think that it is getting to a point that I can bet my life on it soon after a few more rounds down range. I am well pleased with it , and wish I would have got it a long time ago.
  4. I bought a Bersa Thunder 380 DuoTone about two years back, took the wife shooting one day last year and she laid claim to the Bersa. This is her primary CCW now. The ONLY time we ever had any problems from the Thunder was when I bought a couple inexpensive ProMag magazines from the gun show last year. After numerous jams and failure to lock the slide back I tossed them in the garbage, which is where they belong, and bought her two spare Bersa mags.

    My s-son bought a Firestorm 380 for his 21st birthday back in April and its been every bit as reliable as the wife's BT380 has. The Firestrom is his primary CCW and when he carries it in a belt holster strong side it totally disappears on his large frame.


    I have had no issues with MagTech FMJ's or JHP's in the wife's BT or the son's Firestrom. The Winchester White Box is great range ammo, the UMC is not bad but shoots a bit dirty and is noticably loaded hotter that the WWB.

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    Can't go wrong with a Bersa Thunder 380.
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    BT380 is my main carry gun. Keep my C9 in the truck console.
    BT380 is a very good gun, like all guns though they need a good break in period.
    Once past that your always good to go.
  7. I like both my C9 and my Bersa.
    Shot both of them Saturday actually.
    But then again you can never have too many guns or ammo...

  8. I know that by saying this I will piss someone off and I dont mean to its just my oppinion but I find that the bersa thunder is just an OK gun. Dont get me wrong but its a cute little concield carry gun for the wife. I got mine yes used from yes the pawn shop for $229 and for the money its been good to me. Im just not nuts about it. Its great to go out and plink with would I trust it over my XD NO would my wife trust it over her lady smith NO. I really dont mean to offend any one to each his own.
  9. The most popular conceal carry guns being purchased right now are the Bersa 380 and Kel Tec P3AT. Neither one are known for their refinements and supposedly the Kel Tec is advertised with a round count of about 4-5 thousand and then it needs to be replaced. I don't own either one but I have been looking into both of them because I want a very small conceal carry for myself. My research online is telling me that both are very reliable after a little tweaking much like our Hi Points. I am leaning towards the Kel Tec because I believe it is the smallest of the two. I am looking for a truly pocket pistol. Both priced well below $300.00 is an indicator these are not top of the line firearms.
  10. My Thunder .380 in duotone has been flawless, an excellent CC gun, great bells and whistles on this gun, decock, internal safety... 7 + 1 carry capacity or you can get the extended mag with 2 extra.. 9 + 1 paired with some nice hollowpoints gives you a nice little concealed setup and its a classic look (PPKish) and reliable out of the box as all hell!!!
    Nay sayers say nay, no more!
  11. I have never had any problems with my bersa and its cute looking I just like the size of my XD 9 service model.
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    It's a nice carry gun or car gun, small and compact. Good for 15 yards or less in my hands.
    Expensive ammunition.
    I'd probably carry a 9mm if I had a choice.
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    C'mon..... you guys need to remember the gunporn pics!

    I need something to show the better half when I have to rebuild her Honda for the 10th time and I'm really feeling like a new gun would make things better :p
  14. Taking a page from Newskate9's book here boys...

  15. I have the Bersa Ultra Compact 9mm and I also have the Kel Tec P3-AT and I love them both.

    The UC9 holds 13 rounds of 9mm, same capacity as the Beretta Cheetah and same size. No issues or fairlures of any kind. So from the perspective of capacity, reliability & price, it's an excellent pistol.

    The P3-AT had to go back to the plant once and after that, it came back flawless. And it disappears on your person. So, from the perspective of concealability, it's unbeatable.

    It depends on what you are wearing.....hmm....I guess I'm beginning to believe on that!

    In any case, I'm sure you'll love it. Oh, one thing, if you need warranty service, go with Colorado Gun Works, those guys really believe in old fashioned customer service.
  16. Sorry bout the lack of pics.

    I will remedy that in a few days when I have the chance.
  17. Cool! I don't have a Bersa but I have a couple of friends who have Bersas and I hear good things about them. I was looking for an affordable Bersa when I found the Hi-Point by accident.