Got a good deal on a 995TS

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by Whomeno, May 31, 2014.

  1. just got my first 995ts,my c9 needed a friend. I think I got a good deal? it is brand new still in box for 240.00. now to add accessories. can I add a red dot with out taking iron sights off? and what should I add to it.
  2. Bull

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    Sounds like a good deal..... I believe there are several threads on co witnessing iron sights and a red dot on here...

  3. ajole

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    Good deal, add ammo, and don't fight the sights. If you think you'll need irons just stay with them. If you want a red dot, carry spare batteries and treat it right.

    This isn't a gun for operators, if your red dot fails, you'll have time to swap things out.;)

    However...if you really really want to co-witness, it can be done, there's threads around here about it. You can install a longer rail, or get a micro dot, or go lower third, there are ways to do it.
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    My favorite accessory is the magazine holder. I got the package deal with two mags thrown in, and the case for $65 total.
    Being I live close, it arrived next day, free S/H.
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    I ground a little off the rear stock sight and was able to co-witness my red dot with no issues. Not looking at it I think I basically ground off the rear two ramps. Worked great.
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    Shorten the Hi Point rear sight ;)

    Saw a thread here about that, very nice...