Got a Kel-Tec SUB-2000

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  1. I looked hard all over Chattanooga, and couldn't find a Hi Point 995. I found a KT SUB-2000 in Cleveland, TN, so got it instead. It's a nice carbine. Here's a little write up I did about my SUB. (It has the Beretta grip, and I have four flush fit 17 rnd mags for it.)
  2. That's a really good write-up you did. Really in-depth.
    Thanks for posting a link to it.

  3. I took a serious look at the Sub2k at several different gun shows, but ultimately ended up with a 995 because the Sub2k just didnt fit me too well. The LOP of the stock is a bit on the short side and I thought the sights were in need of a serious overhaul to be accurate and useful.

    On the up side I like the fact that the Sub2k folds down to such a small package, would make a great vehicle/pack gun just for this reason. Second thing I like is the use of hi-cap mags from some of the most popular gun makers. This is something I would love to see offered on the 995 but I am not holding my breath for it anytime soon.