Got a new gun today.

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  1. I am kind of an old poot and the wife and I live on a fixed income. I wanted a CQB 9mm carbine for around the house, so price was a big factor. I picked up my new 995TS DD today. It is the Desert Digital camo model. I have some neat accessories coming for it also. There are some pretty dang good personal defense ammo being made these days in 9mm. This thing really feels good in the hand. I'll post a pick when I get her dressed out the way I want it. I am sure you have seen a bunch of them on here anyway. I might mention, I had the black version of this before. It would digest any round I put in it. My son-in-law talked me out of that one. This one will stay with me. Mike in Missouri
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    Nice to have you back posting Mike!..... KCMO burbs here.

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    Welcome Gunner, all pictures of long guns require you feet to be in the shot so SWAGA gets his jollies. :rolleyes::sarcasm::D

    I have the 4595 and JHP and enjoy both of them. The carbine has over 3000 rounds through it and one of these days I might tear it down to give it a good cleaning, but it still runs greats with no failures so why mess with it. I do blast it with gun scrubber, lube it, and clean the bore.
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    Welcome back.!

    I'm from Springfield originally.haven't been back to MO since 1982.
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    Welcome back Mike, congrats on the carbine purchase.
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    Congrats. I purchased my shotgun by cashing in a couple of 1 liter bottles full of pocket-change. A carbine is on the wish list.
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    A few Missourians here. I'm also Michael from St. Joseph, MO.