got a new troy today

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  1. hehehehehehehe got a new toy today. got a M 44 MN, it looks like new. Sweet gun great stock, great finish, bore like new. cant wait to get out and shoot it. sorry dont have a camera but soon will add pictures. got it for 79.00 bucks at big five. and next week they told me the 91/30s go on sale. hummmmmmmmm........ :lol:
  2. NICE!!! What year? Some of those early versions are worth a few bucks. I'm not sure if you're all that familiar with MN's, so here's an awesome website to assist you with identification, grading, etc.,
    Great site and really good info. Welcome to a whole new disease...MOSINITIS!!!

  3. er.......... eh...........


    all in jest of course...... let's see the new toy!
  4. Troy?! LMAO! Good eyes Dreamthief!
  5. TnShooter83

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    I caught that I was thinking maybe a Troy-Bilt.
    I'd take one of these for $79.00.


    And by the way....Good find.
  6. hey guys thanks but it isnt a new illness to me, got my first one in 79. now have three. but thanks for the site evil ernie. found out my first one is a 91 not a 91/30. man I wish it had of had the original stock on it. but it was busted. I mated a M1 butt stock to the fore stock of the MN. it is a hex recever and shoots like a dream. but it doesnt kick like so many say theirs do. my daughter loves to shoot it