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    I've been watching a 27" Sony CRT tv for the last 5 years that I got at a thrift store for $20. What a deal, nice tv. Well, I decided I needed an HD. So I got to shopping, and decided I needed a 40". $350. But then I thought for that kinda money, I want a smart tv with 120hz refresh rate, and I'm going to have to wait for the holiday sales to get one like that for $350. So I've been watching and they have a Sceptre (?), 50" for $359. And what am I going to save on a $350 tv anyway, maybe $50 and I'd have to battle the crowds and such. So I read a LOT of reviews on this 50" Sceptre. A lot of horror stories, broken screens(I figure these huge tvs get broken a lot), and the guys that review every tv on the market didn't have much good to say about them. But I've always done pretty well buying cheap crap (Hi Point for one), so for $389 to my door. Hooked it up to my coax, and I thought eh, not worth $389. But then I googled coax or HDMI. Ok, off to Walmart to get a $12 HDMI cable. And the sound was really crap, so I bought a $50 sound bar. Well, it sure is big! And since all I have to compare it to is old CRT tvs, I'm really impressed. It's really big! So, $389 + $12 + $50 and I have a tv! And, it's ROKU ready, so for another $100 I can make it Smart, but that will have to wait, and so will my carbine, and my 9mm. But I got a big tv, and a Hi Point, S&W Bodyguard, and a Cobra .32 to stop the hoards from trying to steal my big tv!
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    At least you have enough sense not to buy the 50 dollar HDMI cable. Its digital and a short run so you don't need gold contacts and heavy gauge wires. Now get yourself a cheap Blu Ray player and you are set. Got mine at Fry's for 25 dollars on black Friday last year.

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    I can't believe you put a little color tv in front of a Hi Point Carbine on the priority scale?

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    Can't watch Hi-Def porn on a 995.
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    Nice deal on the TV. I have a 40inch Toshiba, 1080P with 120 HZ referesh rate. Have had it for a few years now. At the time, stole it for $500. Love it.

    Big plus one on cheap HDMI cables. I grabbed a couple for like $3 a piece from some website someone referred me to. Have never had a problem with them.

    Personally, I'd say instead of getting a Roku, grab a Blu ray player with built in Wifi. Most Sony ones are less than $100 and they have all the cool features. Mine came with aps for Hulu, Amazon Prime, Nextflix, etc...already on it.

    Not the one I have, but will be picking this up for our bedroom. We're dropping DirecTV as of next week, so need to get it for the tv in our room.

    Sony BDPS3200 Blu-ray Disc Player with Wi-Fi Price: $68.86

    Stream Over 200 Services

    With the Sony Entertainment Network at your fingertips, there's always something on. Access over 200 streaming services including movies, TV shows, music and more from Netflix, YouTube, Hulu Plus, Pandora, Amazon Instant Video, and more.
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    I bought a Sharp Aquos a few years ago. LED TV, 120hz, and 1080p, and I've been using it mostly as a computer monitor with HDMI out of my computer
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    I did not know BluRay players had WIFI, thanks. Oh, and this tv is 60hz, I compared them at the store and couldn't see a diff. I know that's no place to compare since they are running coax at 480i, but I'm happy anyway. Watching Yukon Men, Alaska never looked better!
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    Yeah, the HD difference is incredible when you get an HD source. A lot of the newer Xbox games are literally unplayable on standard definition because the text is so small.

    Hint, though: Go to pawn shops. You can get some screamin' deals on flatscreens there if you look around a bit and stop in when they have a lot of inventory. Try the beginning of summer - A lot of folks sell their flatscreens over the summer because they all want money to go do stuff outside, so pawn shops can often have an absolute stack of TV's they're willing to get rid of.
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    Last time I was at a pawn shop looking at guns, I glanced at some flat screens they had, and they wanted retail prices for used stuff that has no guarantee. As far as electronics, I don't trust used stuff. And besides, I have a brand new one!
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    I've got the 32" Sceptre in my bedroom, and despite the horror stories about how crappy they are it's been fantastic.
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    NE Utah
    I bought a 40" Sceptre 6 months ago, had it shipped free to my door, $289 total cost.

    It took a little tuning, the color was pretty flat in the default settings, but it's great now.

    Running HD out of a Joey, and off a DVD player, it's plenty sharp. From what I read, the screen is made by Samsung, IIRC.

    My other tv is an LG 50" plasma. It's ridiculously good. Got it for $500 on a sale a few years back. If it dies, I don't know what I'll do.
  14. You did good Blu.

    The last 2 tv's i bought were bottom barrel brans. and i couldnt be happier.

    Bought a 50" 'Hisense" from walmart earlier in the year LED 240hz. smart tv. $498. and i LOVE IT

    I have a couple year old surround/Blu ray from Samsung that costed more than the TV that all my imputs go through.

    I will say HDMI all the way, but dont pay $12 again. even tahts to high.

    order a couple from amazon with your next order. i think they are $2.5-$5.00 and i have never had a problem with them.

    Also if you decide to mount it. Amazon has the same Chinese mounts as Walmart under a different name. for $20 instead of $80
  15. Another tip. If you want internet on it.

    Google CromeCast is $30 will put Netflix, and anything on your laptop beamed to your TV in 1080P as long as you can connect the chromcast to wifi, and your laptop.

    and the best part. is you just unplug it from your HDMI port and take it to your other TV or your buddies house. to watch anything Web related on a TV.
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    Thanks Ic! I needed a HDMI cable fast, and it took a while to find the $12 one under all the $50+ cables. I knew I didn't need a fancy one. And I see on eBay, 2 for under $5, free shipping, that's what I'll do next week.

    As for the Googlecast, that's the cheapest option. The reason I was looking at Roku 3, is it has ethernet. The others are WIFI, which requires the use of my computers CPU. And mine is slow, so if I can hard wire the thing, I'll be much better off.

    the only issue I've noticed with this thing is the audio out doesn't seem quite right. The channel volume isn't consistent, and on some commercials the volume will about halve. It's not a biggy, but it's not right and I'm afraid over time it will get worse and I might lose that function all together. I'll see, I have 90 days to exchange it. PITA packing this thing up and returning it, and waiting who knows how long for a replacement, they can't seem to keep them in stock.
  17. WEllllllllll............
    you could look into this.

    A sound bar that has HDMI in and out


    You run your HDMI in (Source) into the soundbar first. then into the TV.

    That way all your sound is controlled by the sound bar. before it even gets to the TV

    or. say screw it and send the whole honking thing back.
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    I emailed support for the tv and asked if there was a way to adjust the audio out with the tv volume so I don't need so many damn remotes, and they said they are separate, so the audio out is a separate circuit, and a different type of sound management. I'm wondering if they all do this. Like I said, I have 90 days, so I'll wait and see.
  19. Good idea to email them. With remotes look up a logitech harmoney remote. i think they make some cheaper ones now.

    You plug it into your computer, and tell it what your devices are to be controlled. and it takes care of it for you.

    For example. MY logitech harmony remote. in "watch TV" Mode. controls the channel functions on the dish box, and the volume functions on the surround sound. and the function/TV inputs. on the TV all on one remote.

    If i hit "watch movie" with it. it will switch the TV input to the DVD player and all the Play/Pause ETC buttons will control the DVD player.

    P.S you may not be up for buying all these things, and i totally get that. Just trying to help out in this area i have dealt with before.
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    That thing sounds like the answer, but you're right, I'm not going to turn a $350 tv into a $1000 project! By the time I'm done, I could have just bought a tv with all the goodies! I do appreciate all the suggestions, I'll piece it together.