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    About 3 weeks ago I cracked the frame on one of my C9's so I called MoM and sent it in. A little over 2 weeks later FedEx, after asking for ID, hands me a box from MoM. Inside the box I find a brand new C9 with reprinted serial number. Big thanks to Hi Point for always standing behind their warranty.
    I noticed a few subtle differences in the new one. Last time I bought a new C9 was in early 2012 I think, may have been 2011. I also bought one the prior year.
    The Good:
    The trigger on the new one has a little less creep. I haven't measured the trigger bar or sear cam to see if they changed the length but there is a noticeable difference.
    The feed ramp is what (I assume) they would call polished. It's more smoothed out than actually polished.
    The high spots on the inside of the slide are also smoothed. If I wasn't told it was new I would have thought it had a few hundred rounds through it.
    It has been sighted in. All of my other new HP sights were way off out of the box.
    The Bad:
    They have changed the LRHO spring. It is noticeably thinner than the older ones and also has a blue coating.
    I have had some problems with the LRHO not wanting to release (with magazine out) so the other members that have been posting slide hanging problems are correct. Something is not right. I"ll keep playing with it and see if I can figure out if it is due to the spring not being strong enough to pull the LRHO back down or if there is another issue.
    The Ugly:
    They are still using the wonky 3 groove rifling on the C9's that leaves the barrel looking like an egg. I don't know why they switched to that process in the C9 only or why they continue to use it but I wish the would switch back to the old 6 groove.

    Also worth mentioning the magazines now come with the Hi Point logo stamped on the side.

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    Well, it looks like Hi Point DID change the sear cam design and added a hair to take out some of the trigger creep. The sear spring has also been changed, a little shorter and thinner - haven't measured the pull but it is definitely lighter.
    Looks like all you have to do for a trigger job now is call mom and ask for the new sear cam and spring :).

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    NE Utah
    Interesting! Good info, thanks for posting!

    BTW, the three groove barrel...Lilja makes some, and they are pretty good.

    "Moreover, IBS Hunter Champion Al Nyhus and others have had great success with Lilja 3-groove barrels. Al believes the 3-groove design cleans up more quickly and yields a bit more velocity. Famed gunsmith and wildcatter P.O. Ackley believed that, all things considered, a properly-made 3-groove barrel is optimal for most common calibers. Ackley believed 3-groove profiles can deliver higher velocities with less fouling and no significant reduction in accuracy."
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    Did you just take a picture with a round in the chamber?
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    It's not the three groove rifling that I have a problem with, it's THEIR three groove rifling process that leaves the barrel wonky shaped, NOT ROUND, that I dislike. The picture attached should show it a little better. This is now my third C9 with a barrel that has an egg shape.

    No sir. That would be the inside if the slide that you are seeing down the barrel. Like I said, if I wasn't told it was a new slide I would have guess it had hundreds of rounds through it. The slide is locked back BTW.

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    Wow, you certainly covered the bases with your report and pictures! Thank you for the information. ;)
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    What were the steps you followed to send yours back to mom? I have my 45 that i am having trouble with,,I need to send it to mom for repair....
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    Always call first. Some times it is just easier, and more cost-effective to send parts to you rather than you sending it in. They will tell you whether or not to send it in.

    If you own a .45 cal handgun then call:
    Haskell Mfg.
    585 E. Blue Lick Rd.
    Lima, OH 45801
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    Thank you very much:)
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    My FFL can send my handgun back to MoM for me for $15. His USPS "Flat Rate" Shipping is $10. If I were to send it back, I must use Fed Ex or UPS at a cost of about $30+. Only FFL can ship via USPS on handguns. We can ship long guns via USPS. So I have my FFL ship to MoM & have MoM return the gun back to me at my house, via FedEx.
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    Just for clarification to those who don't know, the only reason you can send or receive a return direct from "mom" is because its legal to ship to/from without an FFL for repair or customization. You can't under other circumstances mail a firearm.
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    My understanding is that if you dont use a FFL, it cannot be shipped using USPS. Only FedEx will ship a gun. Is this correct?
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    Correct. Only a FFL holder can legally ship handguns via USPS. As far as I know FedEx is the only option for a private party to ship a handgun.
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    UPS also ships firearms.