got a Swiss Karabiner wife is going to kill me!

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  1. wife is going to kill me!

    I just bought a Swiss K31 for $189.00, I guess I did not need another gun but, I have to admit that this rifle intrigues me and I could not hold back!

    Everything that I have read says it is an excellent rifle so, we'll see.

    I'll pick it up Thursday or Friday, and I'll let you guys know how it goes at the range, as soon as I get a chance to go! (if I'm still alive!)
  2. They are excellent rifles. The triggers are the some of the best you'll find on a milsurp.

    It seems the stocks are nicer on the ones I see now. Mine are pretty beat:

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    Once you get it check under the but plate for a name tag. Sometimes you can find the name and address for the last troop it was issued to. Some folks have had some good luck in getting some info about the trooper and photos with him and the gun together. (Buy looking up the soldier and writing him)

    Photos please
  4. You guys are hacking me off. :evil:

    :wink: Nice K31's Benny, gotta get me one of those soon.
  5. Got me a beech and a walnut...both in ex.cond.

    Both have the soldier tags...I wrote both guys but only got a reply from the guy that had the walnut K31...he even knew english and wrote me back in english after I had used an online translator and wrote him in german.

    They have great history those K31's...
  6. I feel like I've hi-jacked the thread with my pictures. :oops:

    The metal is beautiful, but the butt section of the stocks are no so good.
  7. My beech K31:



    My walnut K31:



    Seen a few better but have seen alot worse... :wink:
  8. Here are a couple of my butts:

  9. Rub your butts down with Tung Oil...they'll look alot better....
  10. Assuming you live through this and after you wake up from the coma..... I have a good friend who is Swiss, and recently left the Swiss active service. If he can be of help to you in finding historical reference, PM me and I'll forward to him.
  11. P.S.

    Here is one of the many Swiss front sight adjusters:


    I got it a couple yrs ago off ebay...makes things alot easier... 8)
  12. Nice gun,my wife said you should have bought this one for your wife also!
    [​IMG] :lol:
  13. A Desert Eagle Hair Dryer? WTF?

    :shock: :p :p :p :p :lol:

    Do what?! :wink:
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  16. Contacting K31 previous "owner" (soldier tag)


    What do you do now that you have found a little plastic tag with a bunch of numbers and German writing on it under your butt plate? If you want to try and make contact with the previous owner......

    1. Determine the individuals name. The last name is most often listed first, then the first name. Vorname=Last name

    2. Determine the street name. They usually end in "str." Strasse=Street but not always.

    3. Determine the town/city name and Canton (district in Switzerland abbreviated by 2 letters).

    4. Now go to for the Swiss phone book and type in your info. Hit "suchen" and hopefully you will get a list of names. You can send a cover letter to all the names listed and hope to get a reply from the "correct" name. It costs about .85 cents postage per letter.

    Most of the Swiss speak German and many speak English so write your letter in English. If the previous owner can't speak English odds are he knows someone who can.

    There are often other things on the tag. The soldiers age, company and battalion, division etc. Ask him about those in your letter. A photo or copy of the tag and rifle will immediately let the gentleman know what this strange letter from the USA is about whether he speaks English or not.

    If you get a letter back and it's in German you can find many online translators with a google search.

    Thats about it and good luck.

    How to read the tag:

    A good translator: