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  1. my friend had just got a Kel-Tec P11 9mm. before he got his kec-tel, he use to tell me how ugly my c9 was and how when he gets a handgun its going be better. as me, him and another friend (who also owns a c9, thanks to me) were heading to the range, on the way there friend#1 was saying how his kel-tec is way better than our c9's. and that he was going to out shoot us. when we got there, we all wanted to shoot the kel-tec since it was the newest gun. well it did not feel good at all to shoot. it kicked like a mule, it really hurt your hand. after friend#1 shot a few more clips, he declared that he didnt like it. so the rest of the time we were there we shot the c9's. now friend#1 said that he's going to return the kel-tec and get a c9. also the c9's didnt jam once while we were there :D
  2. Thats really good to hear. Tell your friend that Hi Point makes carbines too. ;)

  3. Good news. The word is spreading, eh?
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    Congrats! The C9 is a easy shooting gun that shoots straighter then most shooters can make it shoot. P-11 kicks like a mule? LOL I carry and shoot one a regular basis. You should try a 357 snubby with full on magnums loads LOL :wink:
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    Why does everyone feel they need to tell everyone else about HiPoints? Can't you people keep a secret? We've got a good thing going here, if everyone finds out about these guns we won't be able to find any in the stores and when we do they'll be more expensive than kimbers. :wink:
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    You said it brother, they are liable to raise the price and lower the quality if they start selling a lot of them. So let's keep a lid on it.
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    LOL I own 2 Kimbers and a C9 the warrenty on the C9 is much better than my 1000.00 Kimber Custom Stainless.