Got any suggestions for my MN?

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    Shot with Canon PowerShot A410 at 2007-11-28

    I want to make my M44 here look a little better. The shellac is a little thick and makes it look a lot darker than in the picture. I was wondering if I should go with an ATI stock, or if I should just refinish it. I really want to go with a lighter color. Maybe a blonde or even a taupe. What do you guys think? Put in your 2.
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    Take it shooting.

    I agree on the shellac...Ari will chime in on how to do it, others as well. :)

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    Yeah. I've already shot it a couple times and it's a rock. The extractor pin broke but it got replaced so it's all good.
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    Take it down and shellac it. I can give you links how to do it. Shellac is easy to work with and really nice looking..... Keep it stock it will be worth it....
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    That thread has some great information in it. Thanks for that.

    The last pic in that first post is basically the color I'm shooting for. Maybe a little lighter. I don't know yet. I was also thinking about a fade, dark (at the butt) to light (in the middle) to dark again (at the barrel).
  7. I am thinking about the ati for my mn when it gets here.
  8. Dreamthief

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    my 2 cents are to keep it stock, love it and shoot it a bunch! lol
  9. On a couple of my Mosins I wiped down the stock twice with Acetone....let it dry.

    Put on 3 coats of Minwax Dark mahogany....then 3 coats of Tung oil finish...turned out sweet....
  10. The ATI stocks are ok if you want an all weather hunting rifle on a beater mil surp with a bad stock, but the hollow ATI stock does nothing to tame the felt recoil from the heavy shootin 7.62x54R round when sitting at the bench.

    Have to put a +1 to what Dreamthief said... keep it stock and enjoy.

  11. Milehile

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    Got any pics of it?
  12. Not the best pics but Hope you can see:

    Minwaxed/tung oiled all match M38 true M38 stock:


    Then poly'd M44 (I bought it this way...1948 all matching non counterbored for $100 otd) couldn't pass it up:

  13. Very nice looking rifle NRAJOE
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    I particularly love the look of the poly-coated M44. Just about what I'm looking to do with mine. Keep it looking stock but adding a far more durable finish to the wood.
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    I added a compensator and a recoil pad to my M44 and that seems like it tamed a little of the kick that it had.I have also added one of the scope mounts that replaces your rear sight.Has anyone else tried one of these?What kind of results have you guys got with this particular mount?I have still got to get me a long eye relief scope.Any suggestions?
  16. I shoot mostly 147 Gr Czech silvertip in my 4 Mosins (have around 3,000 rds)...also Czech 46 Gr practice ammo...(have around 1,200 rd) now THAT is too much fun to shoot...all the flash and bang with .22lr recoil...very accurate out to 100yds also.
  17. Suggestion? Leave her where you are at, you have not done anything that cannot be undone, but you have modified it to something more like what you want.

    Congrats and enjoy!
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    I like that color of the Minwaxed rifle. What color did you go with. I went to Lowes and got a Red Oak. It's a little darker than what I want to go with, but the Lowes here in my hometown had a bunch of samples all with separate side samples with different layers of coat. 3 coats of the Red Oak I think will make it look gorgeous.
  19. I used Red Mahogany...5 coats because when you rub on the tung oil it takes off a couple shades....makes it just about the right color...
  20. Milehile

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    Well, after vigorously sanding off most of the shellacked stock for what seemed to have been about an hour, I finally got it down to bare wood. Years of settling has caused the wood to be really dark in color, and I believe the finish that I bought will be way too dark. So, I'm going to go back to Lowes and get a different color. I was looking at and of the colors that are present, red oak is too dark for me. I'm looking at the cherry or gunstock (how appropriate). What do you think?