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Discussion in 'Hi-Point Pistols' started by Bigern, Jan 10, 2016.

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    After reading the reviews and excellent customer service from Hipoint, I decided to get me a C9. Went to the gun show yesterday and picked one up for $159. I think I got a good deal.

    Only thing was that I was so excited that I didn't look at the gun before I left the show and I found that the slide had couple of dings on it when I got home. I was kinda bummed about it but decided it was OK since I was thinking of polishing the slide anyways. Now I guess I'm polishing the slide after all lol...

    My friends were laughing because they said it was so ugly. I told them to just wait until I was done with it and we took it to the range. I tried to go to the range after the show but the wait was just too much.

    I did manage to get a 10 round clip at the show and I just ordered a nice set of wood grips. Now just need to obtain a Joey trigger and get to polishing! Will post some pics as soon as I get some goodies on her!
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    FAIR Deal, we gott'em for $142 'round here :D

  3. Not bad guns at all. Load up mag for a few days to loosen up the spring. After shooting oil her up and wipe her down. Be safe
  4. Bigern

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    Nice! What a great deal!
  5. I just got mine last week and ran 100 rounds through it without any problems. I don't get what's so ugly about them. I never fired a 9mm before so I don't have a comparison but other than the trigger being a little hard to predict exactly when it's going to fire, it seemed very comfortable. That may smooth out some with practice or I might get a better read on the trigger with use. The gun doesn't look much different from the Glock 19 from looking at photos. Enjoy your pistol!

    My next gun is going to be a Phoenix Arms 22A small .22 automatic. They're also a "cheap" gun that has good reviews too.
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    I just put one on layaway!
  7. I love my HP22. Just remember that Phoenix is rated for standard velocity ammo. A steady diet of high velocity will lead to frame cracks.
  8. Bernie101, go for it on the Phoenix, .22, I have 3 Phoenixes, and am very pleased with them! I'd suggest you buy one that has the longer, "Target" barrel, if it's available, as I have found my two Phoenix .22s shoot every bit as well and as accurately as my Ruger Mark II, and my Beretta Neos with the 6" barrel. The one caveat is, as Adam mentioned, you have to use standard velocity long ammo in it, and not "Long rifle".
    If the Phoenix is not available locally with the "Target" barrel, you can order a Target barrel from Natchez Shooting supply, or directly from Phoenix, (they cost around $25., if memory serves). I had to do that with both of mine, but it was well worth it, and the barrel swap is no big deal.
    It's another case of being a superb gun, at a very affordable price, just like the Hi Point line.
    Fred (Honcho
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    Also read to change the spring about every 500 rounds or so to help prevent frame crack.
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    the phoenix hp22a is rated for standard velocity long rifle ammo. it is not rated for high velocity long rifle ammo. it says 22 long rifle right on the slide...