Got me a new gun

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Pistols' started by adam, Jan 16, 2008.

  1. Well guys I went to the gun store today to buy a paddle holster for my C9 and ended up buying a new handgun lol I got a Sigma 40 caliber and I pick in up Friday and to order one they were all out of stock. :D

  2. Sweet! Nice looking noise maker. :)

  3. Jarhead1775

    Jarhead1775 Guest

    Very nice, Good luck and enjoy. Let us know how she performs.
  4. duker_sponk

    duker_sponk Guest

    I almost got one of those. I will probably get one in the future. Nice piece!
  5. Fox

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    That is a nice looking Gun :D what did it run you?
  6. uncle jerky

    uncle jerky Well-Known Member

    Smith and Wesson. What a great choice.
  7. Nice pistol. I might have to look at one of those in 9mm

  8. 285 bucks with a 50 dollar mail in rebate that comes with 2 free magazines so I got a total of 4 mags for it. :)
  9. The price is def right!!!!!
  10. I've got the Sigma in 9mm, love that pistol too.
  11. How much did you pay for yours Primal?
  12. I acutally got it for free Adam... I did some carpet work to a pawnshop owner an he gave me the pistol in exchange for payment. I think I got the better end of that deal, as I also got a free box of ammo with the gun!!!! :D

  13. Yup, that is a great deal :D
  14. Kelotravolski

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    I bet you are just dieing waiting for that gun.
  15. Fox

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  16. JasonJ

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    that a great deal....under $300 then the rebate!

    only thing i heard about them i dont like is that the trigger i guess is pretty bad out of the box.. but that could be fixed..other than that, awesome.
  17. Ari

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    Nice! Triggers do suck but with some practice you can get it down.
  18. Ridge

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    My first piece was a Sigma .40 :) Great little gun...paid around $325 for it, sent in copies of the receipt for 2 free mags and a free S&W range bag...both showed up around a month after I sold the gun....sold the mags for way less than they were worth, but kept the bag...great little piece to carry all my targets and range gear in...
  19. Langford

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    Cabelas had that on sale in their after Christmas Sale. I think it was $300 normal, on sale for $275 with a $50 mail in rebate + the two free magazines. I was going to pick one up, but I read a lot of bad reviews about the trigger....I guess it is extremely hard. So I ended up going with the Kimber they had on sale.
  20. Wahoo for you! So now what holster are you buying for your C9!!! :lol:

    Gotta let us know how she shoots.