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    Finally got me a vehicle after 6 month of scrimping and saving paying bills and food. I got an 88 dodge caravan for 800 bucks including tax title registration and an oil change and 2 tires replaced. It aint a new one but will get be around I still need to do some work on it pass door is stuck and electric windows are a little sluggish but I will putter with it and when possible run it to the garage for other stuff but the engine and tranny is sound on it :wink: :lol:
  2. PIcs or ban.

    Well it is a caravan so maybe we know what it looks like.

    Seriously, good luck with it and hopefully it will treat you right.

  3. as long as the engine and tranny are in good condition, everything else is a bonus.

    We had a 89 Dodge Caravan and they are not bad minivans except for that darn tranny.


    One last thing, people will tell you that you can put Mercon tranny fluid in those trannys, ......dont.

    Yours should take Dodge ATF+3 fluid, anything else will not be good for the tranny at all. (or a quality fluid like Castrol ATF+3 if you want to save a couple of bucks)

    We have had 3 Dodge Caravans now and 1 Chrysler Town and Country (same thing) and I have read the horror stories on a car forum I belong to about people putting in the wrong fluid and their trannys screw up shortly after.

    I will PM you the link to the site, lots of great info and decent people if you dont have a problem with that.

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    Thanks for the info and I'm sorry I don't have a camera so no pics available All my money has gotta go for work now :wink:
  5. It's great to hear that you have wheels now shooter z!!! I am damn happy and proud for you. Now that you'll be back to work soon, I bet you feel a hell of alot better about the future. Congrats my friend, from the bottom of my heart I am happy as hell for you!!!!

    Got any leads on a job yet?
  6. Dude Dodge Caravan's are freaking tanks. You made a good choice. My '98 lasted me ten years and 150k+ w/o a single trip to the shop. Just routine oil changes and what not. Hope yours lasts just as well :)
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    W00t! for paying cash on a working vehicle! I recently joined the same club on an older jeep, screw car payments!
  8. The wifes Town and Country minivan is a 98 with the 3.3L, a very good engine. It has 172000 miles, does not smoke or knock, does not use oil, and I change the engine and tranny oil religiously and hope we can keep it running for a long time to come.

    If you get a good one you just cant beat them

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    Thanks all, I got the doors to work. Apperently the electric locks are messed up and can only lock from the outside, that will be one of the things I'll need a mechanic for :D As I go along I will have a lot done to it so when I'm ready I'll go to Texas [sometime next year]
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    Glad things are working out for you. What is nice about older rigs is you can normally find what you need for repair in working condition at salvage yards for cheap.
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    Another nice things about older rigs is that all the "new" parts for them are "New, Old Stock" they have on hand already, and they are relatively cheaper than "Aftermarket" 75% of the times that I've bought parts!
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    Congrats Shooter Z. We had a '92 Town and Country which is the same thing with woodgrain sides. It was a great vehicle, with fairly good mileage if memory serves.

    Take Care and Stay Safe.