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  1. After running all around NH, I found my 45 ACP last night. I am posting this because of the trouble I had getting it so you guys would know.

    Martel's in Laconia, NH on the HP website no longer carries HP. He has some fair deals on used guns and a nice inventory. This is where I bought my C-9 comp, and I was disappointed.

    Chester Arms in Chester, NH is a small shop run out of a house. He has a nice set up going and started selling because of getting burned by a certain gun snob shop in NH that I will not name. John is a great guy, and very personable. He had some nice AR stuff in stock, but this was my HP day. He did not have any HP45 in stock and could only get a model without the laser from his supplier (I didn't want a laser).

    By 8pm, I landed at Lee's Gun Shop in Londonderry, NH. Bob Lee is a great guy and also sells out of his home. Bob probably sells the most HPs of anyone else in NH. I got my .45 for $175.

    I tell you all this to say this: HPs in NH are tough to come by. Both John and Bob said that they are having a hard time getting some in from their dealers because they are still hotly selling. Bob said he went to order 8 (all his dealer had) .45s this week and by the time he finished the order, he only could get 5 because someone grabbed 3 while he was ordering.

    I do not know if the reason is because these are smaller businesses or what but, at certain times HP is difficult to come by up in NH. Bob Lee is your best bet. You will not regret working with him. BTW, Bob does FFL transfers for $10!!!!!!
  2. Sound like you really got the "run around"!!

    I'm looking at my receipts for the .40 & .45 cal Hi-Points that I purchased in July '07 - $129.00 out the door, no tax and no charge to "check me out".

    Should have bought a couple more.

    Oh, the C9 was $99.99!!

  3. wow, ffl transfer for 10 bucks? the shop i go to charge $75 or 15% which ever is lower. therefore i don't even bother with used gun. they are great with everything else, though i didn't get my c9 from them.
  4. I have heard a lot of you guys say that you got HPs for these awesome prices. It is not fair. It must have to do with geography. The .45 with laser John could get me from his dealer was $260. He isn't a price gouger, it's just the availability up here in NH.
  5. I know, can you believe it? He said it is because he gets more from return customers. He said 100% of people that use him have bought another firearm he sells. Guys like this are not very common these days.
  6. $260? wow, the .45 around where i shop is about $199 without any deal, i'm sure if i spend time to look for deal i can get at least $179 or under.

    i got my c9 for $109
  7. I purchased my .45 from John last year for $160.00 (w/o laser; etc) and my 9mm last month for $160.00.I also get my .45 ammo from John (see your other post on ammo).
    Before I bought the 9mm, I went to Lee's because he was $10. cheaper, plus pretty much the same distance from my house and Chester Arms. With Lee's you have to call (and Chester Arms) first to make sure they are there (by appnt. only??). In this case, I was in Londonderry that Saturday afternoon doing erronds and also had a plan to purchase the 9mm. I called and called and called (already enroute to his house mind you) got there and no one was home. Well, I decided to go see John who would be now on my way home anyway. He had the 9mm w/ HP case for $170.00. I didn't need a case and did not want it. He ended up taking $10. off. I ended up purchasing a few more things there and since I was ALSO a "return Customer" he threw in the case. So, from what I can tell you is, Both places are good with Lee being only about $10.-15. less than Chester.
    I live in Sandown, where are you?
  8. I am up in Concord so both are a little of a drive and out in the boondocks. For what it is worth, John told me to call him as well before popping in.

    Bob does have his hours posted on his website as well FYI. Saturday afternoon is by appointment only, so it makes sense as to why you couldn't get him at that time. It makes sense as he is into the gun shows. It seems as if he does this part time.

    Monday: 5pm - 9pm
    Tuesday: 5pm - 9pm
    Wednesday: 5pm - 9pm
    Thursday: 5pm - 9pm
    Friday: By Appointment
    Saturday: By Appointment
    Sunday: By Appointment

    John didn't have any .45 ammo and neither did Bob, but thanks for the tip. Even if they did, I don't see how either of them could sell 500 rounds for under $114. John does deal in some military surplus and C&R stuff that I am into. His prices were very fair as well.

    In my opinion, both guys are great and I appreciated them as friendly, and interested in what I wanted. I look forward to giving business to both as they do have some very different things in stock or available. I would rather give them my business any day that the big snob shop.

  9. $199 with the laser? that would be a great deal and better than anything online that i have seen. i paid $175 for the base 45., but again it is all about availability from the dealer. I know gunbroker has the base .45 for $145, but adding shipping and transfer fee is not a deal.
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    Wildlife Taxidermy and Sport in Manchester always has HP's.

    Got my C9 there for $139.00
  11. yap, the availability is a bitch. the price i list($199) is what they will sale it for, wither they have it or not is another story. it is a chain store in California, and i don't like them too much. the one i when to get my c9 was about 65 miles from my home, the closer ones don't carry Hi point or only have 380. most their firearm are over priced, (glock for around $650 - $700) but they sell HP for a fair price(if they have it). and of course the snub-titul come with over price store as well. i like this local range/shop i go to, everything is fair price execp the ammo due to they need to make some money for the range. i might get a glock from them in the future.
  12. I remember when I purchased my .45 through Chester, I asked about the 9 Carbine (Sorry, NOT to go off topic) and was told to leave my name with him. He said it may be awhile before he would get some in. In the mean time after reading all these post's from other HP shooters how they rave over the Carbine...I just had to have one (I blame All HP forum buffs out there for me buying one, I just couldn't hold back!!). I didn't know about Lee's until after I bought one from the Manchester Taxedurmy place there in Candia/Manchester who had a few in stock at the time, in which I did in fact pay more than Lee's (had I known :( ) Oh well. My Carbine came with the scope though, and now that I think about it, I think there was a $10. differnece with Lee's. So, I know now to check these three places for avail. and $ for my next HP!
    Good luck on your purchasing on ammo and next HP!
  13. I got my .45 for $171 as best I recall, but my gun shop here is Hi-Point friendly and seems to carry a decent number of them.