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Got my 995 sighted in tonight.

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Me and a buddy went out shooting tonight. I think we got it sighted in pretty good. You would need to veiw this to the left 90 degress. So it's shoting a little high but this was at about 25 yards so a bit further out should be good.

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I'm no marksman so you get much past 100 feet I'm going to have trouble seeing without a scope.
Pretty nice shootin there!
You should be good to about 50 yards & that's prime Carbine range.

Did you shoot that from a rest, sitting or standing?
Those were standing and leaning on a tractor to support my arms. I still need practice with free standing shooting. I can hit the target but it's all around.
Howie, that's pretty good. Just keep on shooting. :yes: ;)
Not bad at all man, keep shooting and you'll get even better. I shot this from a knee with my 995 at 25 yards. I get pretty similar results from standing. The 995 is real easy to shoot once you get used to the trigger pull. Since you're hitting a bit high you could be pulling a bit when you squeeze the trigger.

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