Got My 995 Sights Adjusted!!!

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  1. Well I got to go to the range today to see if I got my sights adjusted properly. This really took me about 1 minute to figure out & adjust the front post.
    If you read my post in Welcome Aboard you'll know what happened to it.

    Here's a photo of my 1st clip at 10 yards using a sandbag rest.
    As you can see it is hitting pretty good.

    Here's the next 4 clips.
    Bottom Left=10 yards
    Top Left=15 yards
    Top Right=25 yards
    Bottom Right=25 yards without sandbag rest

    I have to say that I was very happy with my last clip, even though I did take my time shooting it.

    I also met some people at the range, one of who also owns a 995 & says that he loves it!!
    He & his friend saw my 1st clip fired at the target & were very impressed with the grouping & told me it looked like I had the sights adjusted well enough.
  2. Postal4U

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    Those are really nice groups. Glad you could get the sight adjusted. Nothing like a plan coming together.

  3. Looks like good shootin' there Capt!
  4. Sig Man

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    Nice shootin but it's a mag not a clip...