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  1. well, some of you might remember i sent my c9 back to ohio around 7th. finally get it back at 27th. with extra mag and a note says:

    "Rebuilt new frame, Barrel, slide, firing pin, springs, all new parts on frame test fired, sent extra clip for your troubles.

    Thank You
    Jason Hinton."

    form what i can tell, this is a brand new gun with nothing old from the one i sent out. i'm happy with the service, i mean, where else you can find gun maker like HP. but at the same time, that also mean, i need to sight it again for ghost ring sight(i like them more so then 3 dots), break in the recoil spring(man, the new one is tough).

    so i when to the range yesterday, and 150 round without even 1 FTF or any malfunction.

    i LOVE my c9. :D

    EDIT: for the new comers and future new members, Hi Point will NOT charge you any money for fix, replace, rebuild your gun. all you need to do is pay out of your pocket to ship to them which only cost from $10 to $25 give or take. and they will ship it back for FREE plus an extra mag for your trouble.
  2. Man, ya gotta love stories like that. Well done!

  3. And they lived happily ever after...
  4. People that talk trash about Hi Points should read that post.
  5. I have one question...nothing about the warranty or anything...curious as to how you go about sending it in.

    Do you use UPS, FEDEX or USPS? Is there any problem with that??

    Also, when HP sends it back to you do they send it to an FFL dealer or directly back to you??

    Never have had to send mine yet, but it would be nice to know how to do it and such in case I ever would have to send it back.
  6. i use FedEx, but i know some use ups. for what i've seem, we all try to stay away from usps. pack your gun in a plain box. DON'T tell or print any word relate to gun and firearm, it only complicates things(not illegal but complicate). and you DON'T have tell them what is inside of package.

    they can ship directly to your address unless you would like for them to ship to your ffl dealer(only in case you don't want the package got lost).
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    Call Hi-Point they will tell you what to do. You can send a firearm back to a factory for repair without going through a FFL.
  8. a bit surprise that Hi Point use the term "clip" instead of mag.
  9. By golly let him come here and make that mistake, it will be his last time :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: