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So, I got my break top .32 I wanted. It's a US Revolver company 5-shot break top. So this makes it an Iver Johnson made for license to Sears or some other mail order company, sort of like how Winchester made their Ted Williams Model 100 (really a model 94 with a different name). Lands and grooves are slightly pitted ahead of the forcing cone, but the cylinders are pristine. The outside has a patina finish, but you can tell it was blued because the bluing is intact where the cylinder protected the recoil shield.

I have read through various forums that US Revolver company revolvers are safe with smokeless loads. I'm not sure I trust that advice. I still have all ten fingers and plan to keep my hands in that condition until I retire from Nursing full time. It's kind of hard to start an IV one handed (An old Army medic trick is to to tape down the catheter, and you have to lay the IV bag on your shoulder. However, that freaks out the patients, so the .32 will remain unfired). --Armynurse
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