Got my C9!!!

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Pistols' started by mjcostel, Mar 26, 2008.

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    So I decided to get my first handgun. I was considering one of the new S&W Sigma's that had the $50 rebate. While researching that gun on a forum I ran across a thread of people both praising and damning Hi-Point products. I was intrigued by the price and the warranty. I was lucky enough to find this forum and started lurking.

    I eventually decided to get one and found a dealer on the auction site that seemed to regularly have auctions for all the Hi-Point products. I won the bid for a C9 for $105 + 25 shipping. My local FFL charged $15 for the transfer. My total out the door was $145.

    I got to the range Tuesday morning for the first time and put 50 rnds through the C9. AMAZING GUN!!! A pleasure to hold. Easy to shoot. As accurate as can be. I had 1 FTF on the last round of a 8 shot magazine load. Could not be happier. I can't wait to get to the range again.

    BTW - I probably will not be posting a pic as it looks precisely like all the other C9's. Beauty in a simple and elegant design.
  2. Welcome but we still like to see pics.

    Since you have been lurking then you know about:
    1) storing your mag full for the first few weeks
    2) Hi-Point-itis: the intense urge to buy another Hi-Point and another and another and another...

    My son and I both have the C9 and found, like you, that it is an AMAZING GUN!!

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    Congrats! I'm anxiously awaiting my C9 to come in, I ordered it last sat, so I'm hoping any day now. I ordered it with the hard case and nylon holster. A big reason why I went with the HP was all the positivie feedback here. :D
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    Learned a lot while lurking.

    I am going to try the loaded mag trick. Also got a nice cheap Crosman holster from a tip from the board.

  5. Congrats on your C9 and welcome to the site.

    Be very careful or you will end up like most here...a whole arsenal of Hi-Point firearms. :)
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    You relize that having a fun gun just leads to all sorts of stuff. Like Lee Loaders, reading more about shooting, and all that.

    Today at the MO plinking range, I had some fun shooting at an old .22 box. Never did hit it, but I did toss dirt all over it, scared the crap out of it. Of course it was only about 100 yards away on the backstop. :) And I'm not a very good shot. Perhaps after I shoot another 1000 rounds or so, I'll get up to; so-so.

    I think my next HI-Point will be a carbine. Now the question, 9mm or .40SW?
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    Ditto, gratz on the C9, which is my next HP purchase. Planning on it being my CCW. I like how nice and flat it appears to be.