Got my Mosin Nagant M44 today

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  1. and I have about 2 weeks worth of cleaning to do trying to get all of the Cosmoline off of it ! That is one greasy firearm.
    The gun is in great shape, if you want one go to

    I got the $69.95 model thinking I was going to replace the stock, but that all changed when it got here because this bad boy is staying stock other than the bolt handle.


  2. neothespian

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    AWESOME score!! Welcome to the fold my friend. Great price on that by the way.

  3. Ari

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    Congrats! keep her stock always a good way to go!
  4. unclerob

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    That puppy came with that bolt handle pictured??
  5. I had bought that bolt handle for my 91/30 to use with the ATI scope mount, but it wouldn't work so I decide to throw her on this gun ! That will be the only thing I change.
  6. Fox

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    Very Nice lookin' Gun.. The wood looks Great too.. I love My M44!! and I'm sure you will too...
  7. :shock:

    Gorgeous. I'd heard good stories about Gander Mountain, and -- while I don't have them in ATL -- I today ran across one on a business trip to Grand Rapids, MI.

    Certainly OK, but, fa! Nothing like this for the price.

  8. That is beautiful. Leave it original. Don't deface a work of art.
  9. duker_sponk

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    Very nice condition! Keep it as is!
  10. See ARI's avatar for a picture of one firing at dusk...... :wink: :lol: