Got my new baby in

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  1. Man it is fun to shoot it made me stagger back when I rapid fired the full 10 rd mag using 3 inch magnum 00 buck :)

    I have a couple more goodies I am waiting for and I will post the updated pic and a movie

    The 20 rd drum I have ordered is still in the manufacturing process so it will be a while before I can post a movie of it

  2. unclerob

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    That is one cool looking unit!
    Is that the way it came to you.
    I NEED one of those now that I have seen it.

  3. Where's that damn DROOL smilie!?!?!?! WOW!!! That's awesome!
  4. Awesome.

    10 semi-auto rounds of 3" magnum 00 buck.
  5. Thayldt21

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    I think I found my next purchase. But this will take time. Mabey for the New year or Bday .
  6. 69burbon

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    Those Saigas rock. My buddy has a 20 gauge that really likes slugs. Hmm 50 yards 6 inch hole. I like!!!!!! :p
  7. Yeah I put a few slugs through this one at about 25 yds and it was hitting pretty darn close.

    It came with a regular saiga stock and 5 rd mag (basic Saiga 12) and I changed it to the skeleton stock and a US 10 rd mag.

    Had to throw in the US made 10 rd mag to cover the possibility that the rules count the skeleton stock as 2 foreign pieces.

    I am getting a new toy to put on the end (wait untill you guys see it, it speaks evil) and another piece and a us made piston to help even the count as far as I can make it out (PITA)

    There are currently 2 different 20 rd drums for it, one is in production and is very expensive, the other is fixing to go into production and I have a down payment on one of them. Really nice looking drum.

    Only thing I can say I dont like is that long trigger pull. I mean long!

    But it is really good in felt recoil. I racked off that 10 rd mag of the magnum shells and it made me stagger backwards but it didnt hurt my shoulder at all, thats with a hard plastic stock and one round of that same shell out of my Mossberg 500 with the rubber recoil pad kicks like heck.
  8. Thayldt21

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    O.K. Iam seriuose, This is going to get me into trouble I have bought way to many firearms because of you Pin heads showing me pics like this.

    I always anted a gauge but that just hit the top of the list.
  9. Just wanted to add for anyone interested, the 10 rd mags will hold 3 inch shells, but both 20 rd drums will only hold 2 3/4 inch shells.

    Still, a 2 3/4 in slug or 2 3/4 in 00 buck is nothing to sneeze at considering it will put them out as fast as you can pull the trigger.
  10. Its an expensive toy, after buying the shotgun, the stock, 2 10 rd mags and what I am going to pay for the 20 rd drum and a few other parts, its going to be pretty close to a grand.

    But MY GOD the firepower!!!!!!!!!!! :shock: :shock:
  11. Thayldt21

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    I am counting My pennies. Seems I am c couple hundred thoudand shy.

    Thayldt21 is now taking donations. LOL
  12. Believe me, I had to count some serious pennies on this one... But you only live once. Go for it!
  13. elguapo

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    We all live only one time....
  14. That and money is no object as it can always be replaced.... As long as you have a healthy work ethic and don't mind 3 months of "honey do" projects.... Well, that and some SERIOUS arse kissin' :p
  15. Man that is sooooo freggin sweet... I want one !!!!!!!! :twisted:
  16. Uraijit

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    Noice! I want one too. I told my dad about them a while back, and he wanted on too. They're hard to find!
  17. andrew241

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    I need one of those. Imagine that thing with a 20 round drum wow. I would be happy as a pig in you know what lol. I have been itching for a new shotty anyway lol
  18. Believe me Primal, my lips are as sore as they can be LOL

    Uraijit they can be hard to find, it seems they come in to the main distributor and then they sell out and you have to wait for the next shipment to come in months later,

    There are a lot of smaller companies that buy them up and convert them into the type of weapons that swat teams use and cost thousands of dollars.

    Those even sell out. There is one guy that I am getting a part from, he does those conversions and is not taking any new orders until 2009 he is so backlogged with peoples shotguns sitting at his shop waiting to be converted :shock:
  19. Thayldt21

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    Have two at local shop. 499 for one and 399 for the other. I amy be off on the second one but for sure the first is 499.

    Mabey trade the SKS and C-9 + some big flow lol.

    They looked like they had cosmoline on them. I did not touch as they are sticky with some sort of superdooper glue and the only way to get them sat down and off your hand is to take them home :lol:

    Pats gun and pawn in Ogden Kansas, if this helps any one who may want to try and FFL ship. No Email just Phone # I don't have right now.