Got my PPS on the way

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  1. My PPS will be delivered to a gunshop a good 3.5-4 hours this week, gotta do the crap to get the pistol permit taken care of. Called and placed my deposit and think I'll go ahead and eat the $40-$50 price tag on the 8 round mag. Need to find a good holster for it, perhaps a smartcarry or pocket, but think I'll wait till I have it before deciding what the best carry method is. Don't even have my carry permit yet so not in too big of a hurry to get a holster. Going to give it a good punishing range review to contain no less then 500 rounds (if I can find a place to do so at a decent price).
  2. That's a pretty cool looking pistol, looks like a big brother to their P22.

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    Now that is a sharp blaster! Always had a soft spot for Walthers...
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    A very wicked mutha!!!
  5. Nice rod there man.

    I'm curious why the Walther. Did you write in another post I missed. NO issues of course - I'm interested in folk's thought process and what criteria they used. I'm always afraid I may have missed something.
  6. Thought process was a long one with alot of flip flopping back and forth. Originally I settled on a Springfield XD. In fact i even found one, thought long and hard and finally said I'll take it only to find out about NCs pistol permit policy. Well away i went, gunless on Christmas. So while I was waiting for the holiday season to be over with gun under the tree I started looking more into my choice. While the XDSC would have been a fine carry gun, there were still other choices. I then found out about the Walther PPS in another post where it was mentioned and just so happened to show up in the Guns & Ammos mag I had just picked up that day,so I started reading about it. I like the thought of it and started comparing it to the XDSC. A XDSC locally was roughly $500 and the Walther PPS was $550-$750 online. When comparing the two it was a real toss up. The PPS was far thinner, only 1.04" wide at it's widest point, but the XD being much wider offered twice the round capacity. Then the availability/price issue. I could walk into almost any gun shop and pick out a XDSC with problem for a price I wanted. The PPS was very hard to find and with a price that fluctuated greatly. Impacted PPS for $525, but did not have them in stock. I finally decided on the PPS after reading many reviews. Then I found it impossible to find the PPS, so I decided to put the money away and wait for it, and considered picking up a KelTec as a BUG to my snubbie revolver and wait for a few months. Then I get a PM from a guy on another forum letting me know he's getting one in. Next day I called him and paid my deposit. Gotta go apply for my permit on monday and then up to get the PPS on weds or thursday. It just stinks it's gonna be a looong drive to get it.
  7. Thanks! Very helpful. Many of my searches never found the Walther PPS in 9MM I always think of them in 380 or 22. My miss. It's a great looking gun, congrats!
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    Thats a damn good pistol Taurus! I love the old style Walthers (007 in me) and the new style has really grown on me. Is that a 380 or 9mm?
    Nice shoulder holster would rock, or maybe a paddle holster.
  9. 9mm and 40 S&W are the options.