Got my reloading press this afternoon....

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  1. Ended up getting a Lee Deluxe Turret Press Kit with Auto Index instead of the single stage Anniversary Kit. After talking with a couple long time reloaders at the shop I took their advice and went with the Turret press.

    Since I plan on loading for .380, 9mm and .44 Special the Turret press will allow me to set up the dies for each caliber in a turret and when I am ready to swap calibers all I need to do is swap out turrets. The shop I bought the press from didnt have ANY of the dies I need, so will have to order them online along with a good load manual and bullets to get me started with.

    Next thing I gotta do is get my hobby room organized and get a reloading area set up. Sounds like a plan for the coming week while the wife is at work and girls are in school. LOL!

  2. Nice maybe you will have to be my supplier of rounds 8)

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    Good plan


    Good score! I had a single stage then I went to the Lee turret press with the same intentions as you. I did that for awhile and now I am on to the full all out Lee Loadmaster Progressive. You can also buy the 4 hole turrets for the turret press so you can include a factory crimp die as well on the tool head. I still use my turret press for rifle caliber as I don't shoot near as many of those as I do handguns. It is very nice to have the tool head setup and ready to fly when it's time to load. I reccommend keeping an extra empty turret on hand as well. That way you are read if you happen to pick up a new caliber, or if a buddy needs you to load for them.