Got myself a JCP .40 for $86. Some assembly required :)

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Pistols' started by adam01364, Jun 1, 2015.

  1. The stars have aligned and another Hi-Point will surface in mAss in spite of not being on the "kompliant firearm list".

    This time around I stumbled across a Hi-Point JCP .40 frame. Price: $40 to me -no FFL fees. :)

    Thanks largely to Hi-Point's warranty, parts kits are easy to find. (Most people aren't interested in spending money on parts when the factory gives them away.) The parts kit ran me $46 shipped to my door. All that's left is to get the mag ($18 from Hi-Point) and I will range-ready.

    Frame: $40 + Parts: $46 + Mag: $18 = $104 total for a gun with a lifetime warranty. Not too bad IMHO.

  2. Bull

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    Not to shabby!..... At all!....

  3. Think1st

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    Cool! We all look forward to seeing the finished product and hearing the successful range report.
  4. I certainly wouldn't have turned it away. Not that I need another project laying around but at that price I would've grabbed it. Nice score.
  5. You probably should have just shipped the frame to Mom and told them "It doesn't work!?!? Fix it please!"
  6. FlashBang

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    Sounds like a good score, just make sure you stay within the laws. The frame of a Hi Point is the receiver and is what BATFE consider the firearm. If you are shipping it across State lines you need to have it go through an FFL or other proper channels as well as comply to the Mass laws. :)

    Congrats on finding a good deal! :)

  7. Thanks all!

    Flash, thank you for the reminder, but no worries, I am following all Federal and State laws. I have no intention of ending up showering with Bubba.
  8. I find it funny that all those parts look more menacing then that hunk of plastic.