Got one finally!

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    Finally managed to get 995 on sale at dunhams for $159.95 on a door buster 2 day sale only. :D
    Found this Forum which is full of awesome info. :eek:
    Right of the bat that night went to town.....
    Got the ATI stock ordered which i thought looked very cool. 8)
    Found the bushman goodies ordered the trigger,charge handle,AR flash hider. 8)
    Got all the goodies by weeks end and put it all together last night. :)

    The ATI stock was not very fun.... :x I must have had the old instructions packaged in my ati stock,there was a revision about the action dragging when the charge lever was pulled back fully with the ati stock. :shock:
    Found this out after taking it apart a few times,went to the ati site and the instructions included with my stock differed from the websites,it differed with the tip at the end,where you file,sand or grind 0.030 from the little cover behind the metal cover that has alignment issues.
    Went to the shed ground down that plastic cover like the instructions stated and wa-la perfect action and I could fully tighten the metal cover bolts without fear of the action dragging..... :D Do not know if this is posted anywhere about this cover needing to be modified should be a sticky unless i missed it...what led me there was the sticky to the ati website.
    So thanks,it helped me out, someone should make it a sticky that the instructions for ati stock installation has been revised you could have old instuctions included in the stock. :idea:

  2. you got a great deal on your 995!! i got mine used for ten bucks for then your got yours new!

    i had the same problem with my ati stock but its worth it in the long run!

    Hope ya have fun shootin away with your 995 bro!
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    great price, welcome to the 995 club