Got one for myself, and now one for the girl....

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    The local Big5 was releasing their weekly specials, and lo and behold they had both M44's and 91/30's on special! Well, my girlfriend has been wanting one ever since she shot mine, so we went down to the local Big5 to get the low down.

    Unfortunately, they were OUT of the M44's and the 91/30's weren't on special just yet. It seems that many of the Big5's have been having a problem getting units in and the manager was telling us how hot these items have become. He had 3 in the back, but all three weapons were on hold due to a delayed FBI background check so he couldn't sell them to us (But, he wanted to :p Been buying a bit of stuff from this shop so he's on my side now). BUT, he offered us a raincheck for an M44 for only $75, even when the special wasn't even offered yet!!! We gladly took him up on the offer and shot the breeze as well. Turns out he is also a Hi-Point owner, and made it a note to get his email in order to send a personal invite to the site.

    The slightly ironic part: My girl picked up the 91/30 and said she liked the size and feel better :shock:

    Hopefully when the do get renewed stock in or when one of the other units get turned down by the FBI, we'll have pics up ASAP!
  2. I like the 91/30 over the M44 because it tames the recoil a bit. Second favorite MN would be the M38.

    Anyway, Congrats to you for getting your girl involved in the sport of shooting.

  3. Love a woman who will go shoot!!!! Thats a keeper. If you dont keep her run in Z formation to make yourself a harder target to accuire!!! lol

    :lol: :mrgreen:
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    Now, for the very few who've seen me in person they can attest I'm not that athletic :p But then again, this is why I have an engineering degree.

    So many parts....and it takes EVERY one to keep it working :lol:

    All kidding aside, I'm sure it won't take her long to learn the finer points of field stripping and maitaining it. It's her first gun that she's not outright terrified of, and I finally have convinced her to get a quality MN and not just a Polish one like she was insisting (due to her country of origin).

    But it might take up to 2 weeks to locate one for her to get in person. And, with 6 inches of snow in the past 3 hours and it still comming down in tonnes, we may not get a chance to test it out for another week or two after that.
  5. these guys are great! check em out. might be an option. done a lot of bidness(texas spelling) with them.