Got pulled over for the first time

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  1. Well today I got pulled over for the first time. I was driving down a street today and I seen a cop come down the street as I was going up then I kept going up the street and in my rearview mirror I see him turning around but I dont think anything of it and I keep going then I turn at a stop sign and head up the street then I hear a siren down the street so I pull over to let him go by and then he comes flying around the street and right behind me and 2 more cars come up the street and box me in. So I put it in park shut off the engine put hands on wheel. Then the officer behind me says license registration and proof of insurance and I will tell you why I pulled you over. After giving all the required info he tells me my inspection is up and that my sticker is loose and asks me if I did it I told him I didn't bought the car and the guy I got it from said that he had the windshield replaced. He then asks me if I thought it was weird that it was loose I told him yes but I have a receipt showing it was replaced. Now hes getting pissed and tells me to step out of the car and put hands on the back of the car well jeep cherokee. He then pats me down asking if I had anything illegal or do I have a gun in the car and of course I didn't but I told him I do own a gun but its at home. He then askes what is all this stuff in the back I told him its sheets of metal for my ductwork at home im finishing off my basement and needed it he then asks is there anything illegal in the car then I tell him I do not consent to any search. Now the officer is extreamly red in the face and tells me he is going to summons me and I have to appear in court about my inspection sticker and if I dont show up Im going to have a warrant for my arrest issued. I tell him ok officer I will be there and where will I have to go he then tells me I am free to go and wishes my paperwork wasnt in order so he could arrest me so I get back in my vehicle and put away my paperwork and drive off. So now im so pissed because all this over a sticker and I didnt even get a ticket plus I have to miss a day of work and this officer has an attitude problem so now im going to file a complaint against the officer and take this matter as far as I can
  2. Sounds like this cop has a chip on his shoulder and is just drunk with power. He threatened you by saying that he wished he could arrest you. What an ashhole! Some people just don't need to be in positions of authority. :x

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    Most do.
    If you would have had your gun, it would have been worse regardless of your permit.
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    yeah sounds like he was in god mode. if you had your gun im sure he would have pulled his and made you look like an a-hole in front of everyone passing by. i hope fileing your complaint gets his arse in a sling.
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    Three officers just because your inspection sticker was bad? Quite a wise use of tax dollars. I wonder how many robberies, rapes, and thefts occured while three cars were checking your sticker.
  6. Aint that the frigging truth!
  7. most cops i have met have big egos...strut around like they are god on earth. they must go to "assholes are us" to recruit these clowns.
  8. My last speeding ticket set me back over $400.00. I got out of it thanks to a local traffic lawyer. That's what cost me $400.00!!! But my record is clean and my insurance didn't go up. So I guess I'm lucky. And I'm not doing 91 on Houston freeways anymore... I only do 81 these days...
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    No Offense to any Cops on here.. But FTP!!!! If any cop and I mean any cop starts giving me attitude from the get go. I give it right back.. He can't arrest me for being a [email protected]%k too...

  10. +1, there is no law against foul language towards an officer, however I wouldn't use it unless it was like this situation. I know, I sound imature but some cops are arseholes.
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    Maybe just maybe the job influences the person. Not saying the cop was right or even close,,,,, but there are nearly infinite angles and points of view in regards to every interaction. A question to ask yourself is why, really why, you might have seemed a likely candidate for a traffic stop. I happen to have driven past patrol officers at above posted speeds but my vehicle is less than obvious and frankly can be stereotyped as a older persons car. Last time I was stopped was by a terribly helpful officer that just wanted to tell me my rear running lights were non functional. (towed a poorly wired trailer earlier in the day that blew my rear running light fuse) No ticket, just asked me to turn on my 4 ways until I got to my destination and changed fuse.
    Time before that I got a ticket from a cop that kept me on the side of a busy road for over 45 minutes. Judge was pissed when I showed up with proper paperwork and officer did not. Not all officers are perfect, but honsetly I admit I would not do their job for anywhere near the pay. I make more than most peace officers but I am unspeakably grateful to all citizens that choose to be a police officer. With great power comes great responsibility.If this were a perfect world there would be no need for police.
  12. I was pulled over twice in 2 years by the OK highway patrol after taking my brothers (he was a OTR truck driver) wife to the VA hospital with minor emergencies (seisures) early in the morning on weekends, and both times I was pulled over for a "burnt out tail light"

    They flashed their flash lights all over us and the iniside of the vehicle and ran my license both times, before finally seeing that we were not drunk and were actually on the way home from the hospital.

    Both times they gave me a grudging have a nice day and both times the tail lights were fine.


    I understand they have a hard dangerous job to do, but sometimes they can handle it better.
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    I'm lucky in that all of my interactions with LE were by the book. Without exception each officer was professional and courteous and adhered to his or her departmental policies at all times. So, if we're to rely on anecdotal evidence, in my opinion cops rock.

    Hell, even Cop Rock rocked. ;)

  14. My wife and I read this last night, and we had a conversation among ourselves that it's just like on the TV show COPS. We like watching COPS, but we often get upset with the LEOs when they act like jerks. I mean, some are strack and professional, while others are way off base. They're just people, y'know. But, what gives people an attitude? The job really does it, I guess. Also, did you ever notice how upset the LEOs get when they have to chase someone? That's funny too... don't let 'em chase you or they'll really get angry... regardless. I also noticed that, just because of the job, they view everyone as a criminal... everyone is breaking the law in their eyes. It must be rough to live with that point-of-view all the time and separate yourself from it, but we're all just criminals to them... I mean, dealing with that stuff all time and the people they deal with...

    True enough, though. Not all of us are one of "those" people. They should recognize that... and some do... but others don't.
  15. I agree to a certain extent, but like in my case, if I had been weaving, or my tail light was ACTUALLY out, or something, I could see them stopping me.

    But for the HighWay Patrol to blatenly lie not once, but twice to give themselves an excuse to pull me over is way too much for me.

    I wonder how many other people they have run the same ruse on?
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    Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
  17. ouch man.

    Unbelievably the one time I got pulled over and ticketed it was by a state trooper(on a secondary road, freak encounter) and he got me for a crap ton of stuff but he was completely cool about it. He ticketed me for no tag, no insurance, no inspection and a seat belt violation. After he got done w/ the tickets he told me that if I got it all taken care of by the court date it would be dropped(except the seat belt violation of course).
  18. I had a ticket for a unsecured load(hauling 2'rock) without a cover on it .I called the MHP,and got his sargent.After telling the sargent the facts about the ticket he informed me that the judge might like to hear my story.However the sargent did inform me he wasn't telling me how to plead my case.That was 2 years ago last fall and I haven't heard from our county prosecutor yet.The trooper that wrote me up was let go within 6 months of my ticket and now from what I hear is driving a truck.The ticket would have been $187.50
    Isn't it a small world!
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    It's called a CSC, chicken shat charge, think of it as bait, you use it to fish through the traffic and hope you catch a whopper. All cops are not bad, but it only takes a few bad apples...