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    You're gonna love this!! A lady from my church who's husband passed away las Dec. was talking to me last Sunday about some guns she had that were her husbands. She asked me to look them over and make sure they were unloaded and OK.[ she doesn't know anything about them] Hee had 2 revolvers in 357 Mag [ Colt Pythons ] I told her they were very good condition and they were unloaded they cam with holster and speedloadrs and he whole shabang. She stopped by a little while ago with a box in the box was the guns and ammo and all the stuff. She had a shotgun and a rifle she was giving them to another guy who hunted. She said she felt better knowing they would be used for the right reasons and her hubby always got along chatting with me about guns and such
  2. Wow. Considering they aren't making those anymore you're one lucky dude.

  3. AAAAARRRRGGGGGHHHHH! Not fair! Not fair! :lol: :lol: :lol:

    At least they are in another pair of good hands since her husband passed away.
  4. Hells bells, no one ever gives me anything like that. Congrats on the good luck and new toys :)
  5. pics please....

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    Sorry I don't have a camera
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    That is a very nice gesture!
    Make sure you do something nice in return!
    That is cool, since she has no need(or want) for them, but making them a gift to you, as you can use them, thats cool! Talk about spreading the love!
  8. By the way, I think your thread title was on the list of "thread titles most likely to be locked" list a while back lol.

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    I've been over to her place several times helping her with some stuff she needed to get done. And we have been helping with what we can she is a very independent lady and is more like a grandmother to all of us in the church [even to the pastor]

    Also in the box was a package with 2 sets of ivory grips with his initals on them [Ironically his initials are the same as mine] So I installed them last night They look super!!

    NOW they can lock this thread :wink: :lol:
  10. Wow. Talk about a lucky break. A pair of out-of-circulation pistol with custom engraving? Now THAT is a score!

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    NOW is the problem. Her son showed up [she had asked him if he wanted the guns he refused them] Now he's changed his mind [apperently someone told him how valuble they are I guess] and wants them.
    The jerk even went so far as get a lawyer to send me a letter [ Now I really have no problem I think a son SHOULD get his father's weapons I feel that is a legacy] It's just the way he did it not even calling me or stopping by to ask for them. I talked to a friend [who is also an attorney] He told me I could fight it but it would cost me more then I can afford so I boxed BOTH up in the boxes and gave them back to his mother [without the fancy grips ect :wink: ] And she can give them to him [she's put out with him over this and laughed over me keeping everything else] He is over 21 but I feel if he really wants them he can face Mama's wrath [Yup I AM a turd :wink: ]
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    Its always about the money...

    Seems family can be the worst sort at times.
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    the second part of that story is exactly what would happen to me if I were fortunate enough to receive such a gift. Easy come easy go. great story though. She must really think a lot of you.
  14. You need to get pix. I don't care if you don't have a camera, you must get pix.

    Pix or ban.

    Awesome deal, Pythons are very much in demand by collectors.

    Still must see pix.

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    Cut the balony I don't have a camera. I don't have them anymore so go ahead and ban me. I must get MORE important things then a stinkin camera just so YOU can see a pic! Google it if you wanna see one
  16. Darn shooter, bobotech was just messing with you. Calm down for heavens sake! :shock:

    None of my business, but you can get cheap digital cameras at wally world for less than 20 bucks these days.

    Handy to have around in case you have something happen at work where you need visual evidence to back you up. Would be worth the bucks.
  17. Due to the fact that the survivor *the wife* gave those weapons to you, those weapons legally belonged to you. The son at that point had no right to do anything, nor did he have any legal rights to those weapons, ONLY if a bill of sale was filled out and signed and witnessed by a 3rd party.

    Regardless, I am sorry that you don't have the guns anymore. Keep your chin up.
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    that sucks shooter......the worst part is you know they won't last a week before ending up at a gun show or local gun shop for sale.

    He doesn't want them because they were his dads and his dad loved them, he wants them because they will bring in big money for his greedy little pocket.

    Oh well, at least they WERE given to you knowing that you would take care of them and that the wife thought of you. It's always kind of an honor for that.