Got the 995 Today; Which Size Red Dot Sight?

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  1. I picked up the 995 Camo today that I ordered. Upon close inspection I can't see where a Red Dot sight would mount with the Weaver mount that most come with. Any suggestions?

    Also appears it came with only one mag. Thought they had two.

    (The reason I'm being so ambiguous here is that the 995 is in my truck well secured so my wife won't get on my case!!) :oops:

    Also have been reviewing Red Dot Sights on the internet and here and, while most of you guys have the BSA 30mm Red Dot, would there be any advantage to buying the 42mm Red Dot? Price seems about the same.

  2. unclerob

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    Should be a 2 piece scope rail in the box. You will have to switch them yourself. It is easy, just takes a little time.

    Mine came with only 1 mag also.

  3. Thanks. I did see a hunk of metal in the box. Didn't pick it up.

    How about 30mm vs 42mm?

  4. GlockMan

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    If your carbine is going to be a truck gun I would suggest leaving the stock iron sights on it, no battery to go dead, does not have to be turned on and less likely to be damaged bouncing behind the seat. I have used both the 30mm & 42mm from BSA and Simmon's and I prefer the Simmon's as they offer better quality for the same money spent. Size wise it does not really matter as one looks past the sight with both eyes open and only the red dot should be seen on target. If you see the sight then your focusing your vision wrong.
  5. Thanks GlockMan. It's in the truck because I'm hiding it - for now - until I can say something like, "honey, I've had that for years".
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    As GM said about battery.

    My battery died on the 4095, and I do not have a replacement and Am going to the range in the Am.

    Thus I am going ack to Iron sight. Not to mention I prefer the Iron sight.

    Just a little more natural for me.

    Good luck with your 995. You will not be disapointed. Or at least shouldn't be.
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    Hi-Point has excellent iron sights that I find faster on steel plates then red dot sights.
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    LOL....That's what I say when my wife ask's me about one of my guns(which may or may not be new)...."No dear, I've had this one for years"!

  9. That is one problem I have. I have a lazy eye and cannot keep both eyes open with the red dots. They do work fine with one eye, I suppose you give up fast target acquisition though.
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    Just my 2 cents worth. Ive had problems with red dot wash out on sunny days with bsa 30 and 42mm red dots. Iron sights of the hp carbine are very good and quick if you are proefficient with them. I am partial to the bushnell trophy 4 reticle red dot. The smaller tube seems to do well in lighted situations. The 3 moa dot is good for precision shooting while the circle dot or cross hairs do well for quick target aqusistion because your not looking around for one single red dot to bring to the target.
  11. Thanks for the tips.

    Becaused I purchased the CAMO version of the 995, I thought I'd better stick with a CAMO Red Dot.

    The only one I could find on the web with a reasonable price was the Tasco Red Dot 5MOA, model BKRD30MO for $42.78 including shipping from

    Should be here in a week.
  12. I had a bad experience last year with a BSA red-dot and it almost soured me completely on the economy priced sights. But my buddy got the Tasco 5MOA about a month ago and for the money, it's not bad at all.
    I think I'm going to take a chance on it. My birthday is coming up and the wife wants to know what I want. I might have to drop that in the hat.
  13. I just got an email from that the sight is on back-order with a delay of 1-2 weeks. It's worth the wait. I've noticed that almost everywhere else they are out of stock.

    You might try

    Good luck and Happy Birthday!!
  14. Thanks for the info Amigo!